I Want to Be a Pilot (Little Sis Tuesday)

It's time for Little Sis Tuesday, when my 7-year-old takes over the blog! FYI, "Nani" = my mother/her grandmother. All photos were taken by me this time, but edited to her specifications. Links were added by me. - Danzel

Hello! My Nani cut my hair, and now everyone says I look like Amelia Earhart. And that's why this post is about Amelia.

She's my very favorite pilot. I've seen the house where she was born, and her red plane that's at the Air & Space Museum. I was Amelia for Halloween and I like to read books about her, and I got to be Amelia in my school play. I have an Amelia doll and a Bessie Coleman doll, and I want to find all the dolls that are pilots. I think I saw a pilot Barbie at an antique store once.

Bessie Coleman was the first African-American pilot, and she was a woman. She flew even before Amelia did.

This is me, and this is part of my Halloween costume. I have a jacket, too, but it was too hot.

My mommy took the pictures for me. I hope to go back to the Amelia Earhart Festival this year, because it was so much fun.

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know that Amelia Earhart is this girl's hero. Click here to see all the blog posts featuring Ms. Earhart and other female pilots. I also have a pinboard called "Amelia Earhart and Women Who Fly."- Danzel

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  1. Your haircut is lovely and Amelia Earhart is amazing! And you're the reason I know about her, so thanks! :)

  2. LOVE THE HAIR LOVE THE HAIR LOVE THE HAIR!! Must feel so amazing on the neck! And no brushing out tangles, yippee!! One of my best friends from Hawaii is a pilot for Hawaiian Airlines and she's a captain now! I'm very proud of her. :)

    1. I hated tangles.I want to be a pilot in Hawaii! - Little Sis


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