Fun In The Sun (Little Sis Tuesday)

Note from Danzel: We have decided to try something new at Silver Shoes & Rabbit Holes. Little Sis is taking over on Tuesdays, at least through the summer. I edited her pictures - she chose to add text and make collages, with my help! - and helped her with spelling and punctuation. She is making a whole list of future post topics, so give her a round of applause! She's only 7.

I'm Little Sis. I'm blogging for Mommy on Tuesday, so I took some pics of what I did today.

Ashley is my helper on splash days. She used to be Mommy's, or maybe my auntie's. I found her at Grandma's.

It's been rainy this summer vacation, but today was sunny and warm.

This is me! My sister got out our sprinkler and we played.

This is my sister. 

I'm going to blog about myself and what I like to do. I like playing and reading and watching TV, and I like old stuff about church and old dollies.

I like to draw.

 Thank you, my little one! - Danzel

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  1. What a fun day! I love your doll and your drawings. We like reading and dollies too here. Looking forward to more posts from you!! :)

  2. Excellent. Such beautiful drawing too. I'm looking forward to next Tuesday! I wish it was warm enough in Dublin for water games in the garden!

    1. (Short and sweet replies from her. It is nasty hot and muggy today. I have no desire to go outside whatsoever.) - Danzel


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