Baby Margaret at the Park (Little Sis Tuesday)

It's time for Little Sis Tuesday, when I let my 7-year-old daughter take over the blog. This time, she had me take the photos for her, but she edited them on my phone, with help from me. I added the links when she was done. - Danzel

This is Baby Margaret. She is from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. My grandpa gave it to me. 

She is very cute. I took her for a walk in a stroller, then Mommy took us to the park.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is a show on PBS Kids. It's also on Netflix. [And Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant, for that matter. - Danzel] It's my favorite little kid show, next to Sesame Street.

I've been playing with her ever since I got her. Down there are pictures that I drew.

I hope you like them! 

by Little Sis, age 7 1/2

Tomorrow is International Fairy Day! I have a couple of books and crafts to share. - Danzel

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  1. It's a Wichita park! You are making me homesick!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It is! Just the little one by our library, but very convenient that way! :)

  2. Those drawings are wonderful. I want to see more!


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