Summer Reading and A Little Link Love

And just like that, it's officially summer vacation!

School ended on Thursday. Yesterday, we woke up to rain and highs in the low 60s. Which is fine by me, since Taskmaster Mommy has decided we must reorganize their bedroom and playroom before any fun can be had this summer.

We took a break from our work, however, to visit our favorite branch of the Wichita Public Library system, in order to sign up for the Summer Reading Program. We are so excited! In previous years, the girls would set their own reading goal, then keep a log of all the books they read. This year, instead of a log, they just have to check a box every time they read for 20 minutes. Additionally, they must complete four book-related activities. They have already checked their first box: "Ask a grown-up what they liked to read as a kid." Both girls plan to "Read a cookbook and make a recipe." Little Sis found a book called Japanese Cooking for Kids. Big Sis thrilled me by grabbing Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes. Audiobooks make the activity list, too. Little Sis grabbed an audiobook of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, read by Michael York. Big Sis checked out City of Ember, which she plans to follow along with as she reads the book. (I own the whole series.) Little Sis wants to "Dress up as your own superhero and take a picture," draw a picture about a book, and "Read a graphic novel." Big Sis would be happy to attend a library program.

And now for some link love:

And if you haven't had a chance, please check out the rest of my posts this week: three days of Japanese folktales (one, two, three) and a bit of moony whimsy.

I hope the weather is fine where you are, and no matter what,

Merry Weekend! Happy Reading!

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  1. Happy summer vacation! Your libraries make me jealous (and it's not the first time). I really want Interstellar Cinderella too, and the whole fairytale list is so interesting! Battlestar Galactica has been in my hard drive for ages, waiting -you make me want to start watching at last! :)

    1. I am hoping the library gets Interstellar Cinderella soon. I may check my local indie store to see if they have it. Battlestar Galactica (the new series) is awesome. I haven't been able to watch the last two days, so I'm going through withdrawal. :) Summer is still cold and rainy here, although we happily missed out on the severe weather going on around us: tornados in southwestern Kansas, catastrophic flooding in Texas and Oklahoma. We've had a little street flooding, but nothing like they've had down there.


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