Once Upon A Cloud

Once Upon A Cloud by Claire Keane.
Dial Books, 2015.

First of all, thank you to Melissa for putting this one on my radar! We had to wait for our library to get a copy of this, but it was well worth it!

This dreamy picture book was written and illustrated by a former Disney visual development artist, whose credits include Tangled and Frozen. You can see a bit of that modern Disney cuteness in her little heroine, but there is also a hint of classic, old-fashioned Disney in some of the art, too.

Besides being a perfect bedtime book, this one turns out to be a lovely read for Mother's Day, too. I wish I would have had it on hand a couple weeks ago!

Little Celeste is pondering the perfect gift for her mother. She thinks and thinks and thinks, until one night, she has the most lovely fantasy of a dream.

"The Wind blew in and carried her away." Isn't that Wind just wonderful?

And Celeste proceeds to dance with stars, read stories with the Moon, and have tea with the Sun.

The Sun and Stars remind me of something out of Fantasia, which is on Netflix streaming, by the way.

Celeste returns home. When she wakes that morning, inspired by her beautiful dream, she knows just what to give to her mother.

Everything about this is so pretty and special. I'll leave with a bit of Fantasia, since the art in this book left me with those visuals stuck in my head!

Tomorrow marks my three-year blogoversary! In marriage-speak, that's leather or crystal/glass. In Silver Shoes & Rabbit Holes-speak, expect a look back at three years and some favorite "dream" videos.

Merry Weekend! Happy Reading!

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  1. YES! Can you believe it? I saw it in the bookstore and flipped through and it was even more incredible than I had originally thought when I saw it online! It's flipping incredible! Everyone should give it as gifts, it's THAT amazing!! So glad you got to see!

    1. It's so sweet! And you probably saw on Facebook, my sister owns it! Ha! She scooped me!

      I want to visit Celeste's dream. So lovely!

  2. This book has been on my wishlist since Melissa posted about it. Thanks for the peek inside! I'm convinced now that I want it sooo bad ;)


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