Dinosaur vs. Mommy

Dinosaur vs. Mommy by Bob Shea.
Disney Hyperion, 2015.

Happy Mother's Day, beautiful mother readers! 

Somehow, I completely missed the fact that Bob Shea released a new Dinosaur vs. book this year. I've been trying to score a copy of Ballet Cat from the library, which ours still doesn't have. We did, however, find this one on the new release shelf, and the girls promptly grabbed it. You see, Bob Shea books are funny. It doesn't matter how old you are. And this is my favorite Dinosaur book yet.

And it's perfect for Mother's Day!

Our adorable little dinosaur toddler (wearing his goat pajamas!) is giving Mommy a hard time - again.

This time, we're talking everyday hard times: Mommy trying to sleep in, Mommy trying to take a shower, Mommy grocery shopping, Mommy doing laundry, Mommy getting the little guy bathed and ready for bed.

I think he flushed one of these bunnies.

Look - he scored a unicorn balloon.

This book had us cackling. My daughters are 9 and 7, and they are not completely above some of this behavior. Sleeping in? Begging at the grocery store? Putting off bedtime? Wearing underwear on one's head?

Okay, I think it's been a few years since I saw anyone wear their underwear on their head.

May I also say how much I want the lamp and chair in this book? Love the midcentury furniture.

We love Bob Shea books, as you can see. If you're on Facebook, and you're not following him yet, please click here and do so now. He has a YouTube account and pretty cool (although not recently updated) website, too.

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  1. Adorable book! I love this little dinosaur. Happy Mother's Day! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much. Hope you had a beautiful weekend. And yes, this book rocks. :)


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