Tulips, Fairies and Forts at Botanica

Well, I've covered most of the books we've read lately, and I don't have many links to share, so here are some pictures of our trip to Botanica! We attended Week 2 of the Tulips, Fairies & Forts event (formerly Tulips, Fairies & Friends) at our botanical gardens last weekend. It was an opportunity to play dress-up, smell the flowers, build a fort or two...

Our arrival at Botanica. A volunteer was stationed there to take pictures.

Fairy house contest entries. I love the peacock feather house! Next year, we may try our hand at this ourselves.

Botanica is the proud recipient of the old Allan Herschell Company-designed carousel from Wichita's defunct Joyland Amusement Park. As it's being restored, some of the freshly painted horses have been put on display in the main lobby.

The Bug Lady was on hand with lots of specimens. I liked the huge tarantulas. Big Sis pet a Mexican hissing cockroach.

I want a weeping crabapple.

There was a fairy garden scavenger hunt. We found most of the little fairies, hidden near trees.

The "fort" aspect of the event was especially cool.

Little Sis built her own fort out of wooden blocks. Big Sis played a game of Jenga.

In the Downing Children's Garden, the girls painted gnome doors made from popsicle sticks, and made fairy bells from sticks, yarn, beads, and jingle bells. We played there for a while, before resuming our scavenger hunt, and visiting the little Railroad Garden.

Tomorrow, Big Sis will go to her dance class and a birthday party. I'm taking Little Sis to Hutchinson, KS, to see The Last Unicorn. I still remember seeing it in a mall theater with my parents, when I was in kindergarten. Little Sis is actually older than I was when it came out! It's a stop on The Last Unicorn Tour. Peter S. Beagle will be signing posters and copies of the original book, and there will be merchandise, a Q&A, stuff like that. My nerdy little kid-like self is very excited.

I hope you have a pleasant weekend, and I hope to have more books and stuff to share next week!

Merry Weekend! Happy Reading!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! What a cool outing! Perfect for spring and fairy girls. I want to see the Last Unicorn too. I've never seen that one. Merry Weekend!

    1. They're having a fairy tea party next week, but I'm not going to have the extra money for it. I'll bet it's beautiful, though! I loved seeing The Last Unicorn on the big screen again. It's one of my all-time favorites. :)

  2. THAT LOOKS SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna go!!!!!

    1. It's so pretty! Wish I could afford the tea party next Saturday, but we'll be getting close to recital time, and I have a DVD and t-shirts to buy. :o/


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