Truffula Trees for Earth Day

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss is my go-to book for Earth Day. It's one of my favorite books period, in fact. I love its message and its sense of urgency, as well as the (literal) seed of hope at the end. 

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.
Random House, 1971.

There are Lorax crafts to be found all over the internet. [See Pinterest, for example.] We made our own Truffula Trees, out of leftover paper straws from our Kansas Day project and wrinkly tissue paper we'd saved from a gift bag. I think it would be cool to use actual sticks, along with paint or washi tape, but I couldn't figure out where we put the paint and washi tape. Another idea I had was to use paper towel rolls and old newspaper, but I wanted these to be colorful.

Have you ever made tissue paper pom-poms? I taught myself to make them several years ago, using the Martha Stewart tutorial.  This is a miniature version of that.

First, I cut my tissue paper into small squares, stacking the wrinkly little things as neatly as possible. I kept my stacks at only 5 or 6 each, to make them easier to work with.

Next, I accordion-folded my little stack.

Squeezing the folded stack tightly, I tied some thread around the middle. I used scissors to make the ends a bit pointy.

Finally, I pulled the paper apart, forming a little pom pom.

I used simple scotch tape to fix the pom-poms to the straws, which I bent to look a bit more like Dr. Seuss's wavy Truffula Trees.

If you use straws or popsicle sticks, the Truffula Trees could become great cake decorations, right? If I felt more ambitious, I suppose I could make an Earth Day cake.

Here's the original television adaptation from 1972. I prefer it to the feature film, although the book is still the best.

Remember my little post for Read Across America / Dr. Seuss's birthday? Well, when I put together that post, I mentioned I was impressed by the minisite for The Lorax on There are so many cool things to click. Your kids can sign a pledge to "be a friend to the environment," read about at-risk forest areas around the world and some of the animals who inhabit them, download stickers and tags, and play games. Classes can send a letter to the Lorax, telling him how they plan to help the environment. It's a pretty awesome little site!

Again, happy earth day. And remember...

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not."

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