On the Wing

On the Wing by David Elliott, illustrated by Becca Stadtlander.
Candlewick Press, 2014.

I always feel a little guilty come April. It's National Poetry Month, yet I don't seem to expose my daughters to as much poetry anymore. My husband is the poetry-lover, but I'm the one checking out the books! This one, however, I did manage to grab, and it's a beauty. It's perfect for spring, too, in that it's a book of poems about birds.

Birds are another of Mr. B's loves. I'm sure he would have grabbed this one himself, if I wasn't the one visiting the library once or twice a week.

David Elliott's poems are simple, often humorous, and match Becca Stadtlander's gorgeous illustrations perfectly.

"The Hummingbird" buzzes across the page, just like the little bird.

"The Caribbean Flamingo" is more challenging, a great example of metaphor for youngsters.

I love "The Cardinal." Just when I feel bad for the Plain Jane...

And "The Puffin" made the girls giggle.

Sorry I didn't have more to recommend for National Poetry Month this year, but this one is well worth a trip to the library or bookstore! Happy Reading!

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  1. What a beautiful book! Poetry is tricky, but I love a good poem. I don't seem to expose my daughters to poetry much either, and it's a shame. They 're still very young, so they love simple, rhyming poems -I need to dig in my memory for those!

    1. I read it to the girls when they were younger, and they loved the HBO Classical Baby: The Poetry Show, which is so lovely. My oldest loves her Shel Silverstein books, and has read 3 of those on her own. I really do tend to leave the stuff to Mr. B, though. ;)

  2. Oh I am totally going to look at the library for this! Julia just wrapped up a poetry unit at school, and she loooooves writing poetry at home. (OMG her poems are DARK. they were just learning about the Holocaust at school, which not sure about that in the 3rd grade but hey. the darker the poems, the better she likes them. she was like, is this ok to write mom? I'm like, baby write whatever you want!) Anyway, I think she would love these!

    1. Yeah, the Holocaust seems like such dark subject matter for 8 and 9 year olds, although I guess there are kids younger than that, living their own dark stories elsewhere in the world.

      I know the girls have done some poetry stuff in school, especially Big Sis, but they haven't shared much with me. Go figure. ;) I was hoping to get the new picture book about e.e. cumming this month, but I'm still on a waiting list. Oh, well. It was a bit of an afterthought.


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