Dancers of the World

Dancers of the World by Aurélia Hardy, illustrated by Sybile.
Auzou, 2015.

Happy Monday, dear readers! This past Saturday was the girls' first recital run-through. Wednesday evening, they will have their big dress rehearsal, then come Friday night, they will dance the first of four recital performances. It's a busy week, and I must admit dance is on our minds! So I thought I'd devote a week's worth of blogging to dancey stuff.

Starting with this beautiful book.

This was on display at our library, on top of the new releases case. Little Sis grabbed it first, but I swear, all three of us reached for it at once. It's a French book (translated), and the publisher has an International Rights division, making their own books available for a world audience. Dancers of the World is part of a series called "Around the World," which also includes Princesses of the World and Adventurers of the World. I haven't seen the other books, but this one is a fat, gorgeous picture book, with many fold-out pages.

Each dance form is represented by a dancer from a different country, telling the story of her dance in first person.

This would be a beautiful gift for a little dancer!

My photos do not begin to do this book justice. Sybil's illustrations are spectacular, and deserve to be seen in person. Be sure and check out her website.

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  1. I love this! It's been translated in Greek too, but it's sadly out of print. Now that you reminded me of it, I want to read it! :) Have fun with your dancing!!

    1. Yeah, it looks like they're really putting their books out there, as far as international publication goes. I need to go through the page more, and see what else might be available over here!

      Little Sis has ballet tonight, and she's giving me grief. I think she's ready to drop dance. Just in time for her sister to add another class, I guess...

  2. omg this is amazing. the illustrations! you always find GOLD at the library!


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