Valentine's Day

Happy Monday, dear readers! I apologize for my absence last week. As I posted on Facebook, I lost my camera charger for about a week. I know I use Instagram or a tablet once in a while, but the photos are never that great. While I did find it eventually (behind the computer desk), by that point I was finding it difficult to muster much enthusiasm for anything. I've had a rough week. Not because of any one great event, or anything horrible and dark worth discussing. I'm just having a crisis of confidence, and as I refuse to be that sad-sack soul who whines and cries all over the internet, begging for validation, it seemed a good time for a break. Make sense?

But it is Monday, Presidents' Day here in the States. The girls are home from school, enjoying a short week. Tomorrow is a teachers' Inservice Day, then Wednesday through Friday, the school lets out early for conferences. I'm excited, because I'm working the Scholastic Book Fair again this Wednesday!

Last week, Big Sis was busy with her third grade show. While she didn't have any solos or monologues, her enrichment group opened the show with a little scene. Big Sis's class wore tap shoes for their songs (from Annie and Bye, Bye Birdy), and my little dancer was chosen by the dance teacher for a special tap number, made up of some of the stronger dancers in their grade. I've heard from so many people about how much she stood out. I think out of tap, ballet, jazz, and modern, tap is where her joy is now. She loves modern, but it's new to her, and she's still learning. She's a very confident tap dancer, though, and knows how to smile and sell it. I was so proud of her! In one month, it will be time for Little Sis's first grade show. (At our performing arts magnets, big shows are put on by the 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades.) I've heard she might be playing Amelia Earhart. She has the costume, you know.

Anyhoo, the third grade show was Thursday, then on Friday the 13th, they had their Valentine's Day parties. Our Valentines were beyond simple. The girls cut hearts out of card stock. Little Sis wrote "Happy Valentines Day" on hers, to varying degrees of spelling success (see below). Big Sis wrote "Love is in the air," and taped balloons to hers. We had leftover balloons after we made her Valentine  box, seen in the top photo. If you follow me on Pinterest, I have a "Hearts, Shamrocks, and Bunnies" board. I pinned lots of fun ideas for Valentine's this year, then went with a few of them. (Big Sis's box was inspired by this one here.) The only thing I had to buy for their boxes were the balloons. Everything else was made with leftover stashes of craft supplies, along with a coffee can (the hot air balloon) and a Rice Krispies box (the owl).

Valentine's Day has recently been declared "International Book Giving Day," and that's awesome, but I must admit, we did not give any books for Valentine's Day this year. No one can make me feel guilty for that. I worked in a book store for eleven years, with a nice employee discount, and since losing that job, I frequent my indie store down the street. I also love used book stores and Better World Books, and soon, I'll be supporting our school via the Book Fair, so really, we have books a-plenty.

Mr. B chose the girls' Valentine's Day gift. We were watching old commercials on one of the public domain Roku channels, when the girls saw this:

They were so excited. They thought Rock Em Sock Em Robots looked like the coolest thing ever. When Mr. B saw the box at the grocery store, he couldn't resist.

Mr. B and I didn't do anything for Valentine's Day ourselves. I'm not really a fan of grown-up Valentine's Day. I like the kids' version better. 

I really do have books and stuff to blog about, so stay tuned! I'm back!

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  1. In re: the crisis if confidence, I hear you. And I don't think it's so bad to speak honestly to readers.

    In re: the simple valentines, what a perfect idea. My LO received such a range from store-bought to handmade and all were delightful. Yours look absolutely adorable.

    I'll be staying tuned for what you've got coming.



    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I have a tendency to beat myself up at times, and it's also hard to accept change. The girls were happy with their valentines, and I heard something sweet from one of Little Sis's friend's mom this morning. Handmade and heartfelt is a good way to go.

  2. Welcome back! I can totally relate to the crisis of confidence and taking a break- because that's what I do too when it happens :) Hope you're feeling all better now and this week is not too rough :) Love your valentines and the boxing robots are so funny and cool! :D
    I like the kids' version of Valentine's Day too. We don't really have it in Greece, not the kids version, which is a shame- so, for the time being, we don't do Valentine's Day at all. *sigh*
    I'm looking forward to what you have planned. xoxoxo :)

    1. I loaded the hard drive with photos today, so I hope to catch up on things soon. I'm sure my family would prefer it if I'd catch up on laundry, but I have a book fair to run today! Hooray! ;)

      Valentine's Day. I used to call it "Hallmark Day," for the greeting card company. By the time I hit sixth grade, I hated Valentine's Day. It became a popularity contest in school, and as an adult, I didn't care to be told when to be romantic. I'm just like that, I guess. :)

      Thank you! xoxo

  3. I wrote a big 'ol comment but it was on my phone and then I realized I didn't know how to access my Google account that way - hang in sweet D - we can moan together! I have some chronic health ailments that creep up from time to time and now is one of those times. Big boo. So with you - I love kiddo Valentines way better than 'romantic' grownup Valentines! You are so clever to have a Pinterest for those 3 holidays, that's so awesome!

    1. Clever, no. I just have so many for Christmas and Halloween, that I needed to trim the fat somewhere! I just lumped those three together. It's easier that way. ;) I'm sorry you're not feeling great. I'm discovering new aches and pains, especially when the weather gets colder. This makes me especially sad, because cold weather has always been my thing. Between that and theatre stuff and lack of work to occupy my time, I've just felt gross lately. Trying very hard to shake it off! Hey, I get to work the Scholastic Book Fair today! That's a great start. I even get a free book for volunteering. :D Can't cry over that.

      Love you! xoxo

    2. I think what I have is a case of "The Olds". AGING IS SO GRAND! Also I spent nearly 2 hours today on the most seemingly mundane thing - a new FB timeline cover for my photo page and then lost all the work. I hate computers! I don't know why I bother. ok shaking it off!!! Goodness I love that song. Even tho I'm not a huge Taylor fan, she endeared herself to me forever with that song. :) Love you too! XO!

    3. I'm feeling old, especially as far as theatre is concerned. Unless, of course, I'm told I'm not old enough. Mid-to-late 30s is crap, as far as acting is concerned.


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