Skippyjon Jones Snow What

Skippyjon Jones Snow What by Judy Schachner. Dial Books for Young Readers, 2014.

Oh, Skippyjon Jones, our favorite Siamese kitty-boy who pretends to be a chihuahua. We checked out the newest title over Christmas break. You know, when we had snow on the ground.

Yesterday, it hit 73 degrees. There is no snow to be found.

But Skippyjon Jones is a little bit about snow, a little bit about "Snow White," and a lot of fun. (And when I read it aloud, it's also about breath control and tripping over my own tongue.)

We love Skippyjon Jones.

In Snow What, he tumbles through his closet into a snowy forest, where his seven Chimichangos are waiting for him. It's up to Skippyjon to save Princess Nieve Que (Snow What) from her icy prison - with a kiss! 

There's also a dragon. And some teasing from his sisters, who are listening to Mama Junebug Jones read "Snow White."

As always, the illustrations are fabulous. It's as silly and nonsensical as ever, which makes it perfect when the gloomy weather has you stuck indoors.

It isn't 73 degrees today. It's twenty degrees cooler, and it's been raining on and off.

If you or someone you love is a Skippyjon Jones fan, be sure to check out the official website. There are printables, games, wallpaper for your computer, videos, and links to the books. If you're on Facebook, "like" Skippyjon Jones for more news and fun posts. I can also recommend I've ordered pajamas as gifts, and everything on the site is adorable. I would like this t-shirt, I think.

Hanging out with Skippyjon Jones during a 2011 storytime.

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  1. Oh the illustrations are amazing and the story sounds so good! I've got to see this in person sometime! The last pictures are precious- Skippyjon looks a bit creepy in these (especially the eyes!) but the girls are so cute and little! Love the little one's face!

    1. These books are so funny - lots of little Spanish words and phrases thrown in there, too. Lost in Spice is still my favorite. It was new at the time of my last costumed character storytime.


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