Hello Again

I'm back! Sorry for my absence. My computer decided to die last weekend, and we had to wait for a replacement. I haven't had much to share, to tell you the truth. I spent most of the week crashed on the couch, trying to control my cough. The weather has been very cold and dry, except when it's been slightly less cold and drizzly.

Isn't the snow in that picture lovely? That was last Saturday. We had this cold, icy snow hit late in the day, which caused us to postpone a trip to Oklahoma. The girls went outside to play. Big Sis wore her red riding hood...

I stayed inside, watching through the window, sipping hot tea and reading.

We packed up our Christmas, and exchanged the Advent calendar for an art gallery. We assembled Lego sets: Ghostbusters and a treehouse.

Little Sis has spent quality time with her vintage dolls, including Big Sis's new old Love Me Linda.

I was supposed to be blogging about our new dog this week. Alas, as we were heading out the door this Saturday, my mother called to tell us my stepdad had a stomach bug, and they were afraid we might catch it. Mr. B took his disappointed girls to Freddy's for lunch, then we came home and unpacked. There were tears. The girls haven't seen their Nanny in a while, and they've been itching to take a trip.

I decided to take advantage of the mess our Christmas stuff left behind, and undertook a massive bookshelf reorganization project. There was dust. Much dust. Much coughing, too.

If you were reading this blog a couple years ago, you may vaguely remember my birthday post, where I said Mr. B was building me a Little Free Library? A month later, our neighborhood saw an uptick in theft and burglary, and it no longer seemed like a great idea. Since then, several more libraries have sprung up around town. Big Sis and I loaded a box with extra books, including many old galleys from my bookselling days, and drove around to six or seven of these little libraries, adding books to their collections.

I'm still trying to whip our house back into shape. I feel guilty taking time out to blog, to tell the truth. I made a much bigger mess than I meant to, but it will be great when I'm done. My mother and brother are supposed to bring our pup this Friday. Big Sis and I made paper snowflakes, and we're going to hang some fairy lights around our dark family room, to help get us through the rest of winter. I hope everyone out there is well. Praying January isn't getting you down!

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  1. well i tell ya, even when sick you're so awesome! i wish I could have had that field trip with you putting books in little libraries! i don't see very many around here. I did a bit of a book purge after Christmas and took some to the regular library but I was naughty - usually I go in and hand them the stack of books and get them donated properly, but this time I was in a total rush and I just dumped them into the return box, which prolly made a total mess for the librarians and now I feel bad. Poop. Oh and never underestimate the power of fairy lights.

    1. I wasn't sure what the library would do with the galleys. They're unedited proofs, not for sale, and the library donations usually go to the Friends of the Library used book store. There were some good ones in there, and I figured the Little Free Library users might appreciate them. There are more LFLs than this in town, but I was unable to unload the books on this side of town, which was nice! I'm going to hang the lights today. I need to tackle my desk mess - I have a filing cabinet that needs reorganizing. BLAH. But the living room is done!

  2. Wow, lots of wonderful stuff! Apart from being sick, I mean :)
    I love the Little Red Riding Hood picture in the snow, amazing colors! And the bookshelf reorganization... I know, you can never have too many! (I already have more than I have space for and need a major reorganization too). Oh what a wonderful idea, the Little Free Library... And donating extra books to libraries... And a puppy... And fairy lights...
    Hope you feel better soon! And I really hope you're enjoying January! :)

    1. It's been a weird few weeks. I need a change of scenery - badly. ;)

      But for now, I'll concentrate on making my current scenery a bit more bearable. I need some color and light.


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