Happy Mother's Day Weekend

A few of the delights my daughters brought home from school today.

To all my mommy and grandmother friends out there in the world, Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

My favorite Disney film.

A wonderful oldie.

A sweet animation of one of our favorite board books.

A scene from the classic film I Remember Mama.

My mom used to sing this to me when I was little.  I love these women.

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We Like Kindergarten (Little Golden Book)

We Like Kindergarten by Clara Cassidy, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.
 Western Publishing Company, 1965.
1980s reprint edition.
Ready for more Eloise Wilkin?  After writing yesterday's post, I started thinking about this little book.  Little Sis pulled it off our Little Golden Book rack last week, and it spurred a lot of questions and memories.  We Like Kindergarten was first published in 1965.  I know our copy must be from the mid-'80s, as the Sesame Street title I Think That It Is Wonderful appears in the list on the back, and it was published in 1984.  The story was still pretty accurate for the mid-'80s, though.  I started kindergarten in the fall of 1982, having just turned 5 in August.  While we didn't have a piano in the classroom, we did sing and make music, we might dance or play games at circle time, and I distinctly remember painting at an easel, singing the theme song to "Emily," a cartoon I knew from Pinwheel.  We had graham crackers and milk (in a carton) every snack time, which happened right after nap time.  My teacher would choose a helper to pass out the snacks, and on the first day of school, I was that helper!  Apparently, I was the quietest and stillest "napper" on my big beach towel, which I used instead of a rug.

Kindergarten is so different now.  I was a morning kindergartner, as kindergarten was only half a day then. Now it is an all-day affair.  The year Big Sis started school, I was impatient to buy school supplies, and pulled a supply list off the internet from the previous year.  Following my mom's lead, I helped her pick a thick beach towel for her nap time rug.  Less than a week later, I read in the paper that the school system was discontinuing nap time, as it cut into time needed for learning.  How sad.  Big Sis has a thick, awesome towel for swimming now.  Fortunately, both girls had a wonderful two years at preschool, which was closer to my kindergarten experience.  And both girls have had lovely kindergarten teachers, who understand the difficulties of that age, and allow for fun dance times and stories, along with all the reading and math.

The last page of this book is the most accurate for us now.  Even today, with both daughters in the same school, the girls love to play school at home.  Big Sis wants to be a teacher when she grows up, and she loves to teach her sister.  I love to listen to them getting into character.  It's so sweet!

I can't believe this school year is almost over.  Only two more weeks!  Then I will have a third grader and first grader on my hands, and our kindergarten days will be over for good.

I'm the worst sentimental mama I know.

Oh, and if you want to read more about the Fisher Price School Days Play Desk in the lead photo, I wrote about it here.

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Wonders of Nature (A Big Golden Book)

Wonders of Nature: A Child's First Book About Our Natural World by Jane Werner Watson,
illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.  Golden Press, 1958. 

Today I thought I'd feature a classic picture book about nature.  Nature is something I'm enjoying very little of at the moment.  For one thing, I have strep again.  For another, it is only May 7, and we have already broken record high temperatures for May.  It has been over 100 degrees a couple of times.  This isn't right. Last year, we had such a lovely, mild summer.  One more thing.  There are little piles of pollen lining the streets like tumbleweeds.  Allergies do not help strep.  So I look out my window, watch the robins and waving trees, then go back to reading or watching TV.

I adore Eloise Wilkin.  [See my Pinboard, too.]  Her illustrations were my early childhood, I think, although I didn't have this one growing up.  My first copy was as a part of the Eloise Wilkin Stories treasury of Little Golden Books, put out by Random House the year and month Big Sis was born, September 2005.  It is also available as a stand-alone Little Golden Book, reprinted in 2010.

This copy is A Big Golden Book, one of those gloriously oversized picture books that Golden often released during that time.  It was a gift to my daughters from a dear friend.

As I stated above, the book is available new as a regular Little Golden Book and as a part of the treasury, Eloise Wilkin Stories.  The Random House website fails to list the books included in the treasury. It contains Busy Timmy, Guess Who Lives Here, My Little Golden Book About God, Wonders of Nature, three selections from A Child's Garden of Verses, We Help Mommy, Baby Listens, Baby Dear, Baby Looks, "Little Boy Blue" from Baby's Mother Goose, "At Sunset" from Eloise Wilkin's Book of Poems, and an introduction by her daughter, Deborah Wilkin Springett, and "A Remembrance of Eloise Wilkin" by prolific Little Golden Book author and editor, Jane Werner Watson (author of this book).

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Goodbye, Katie

She was old and in pain, but very dearly loved.  It's always hard to say goodbye.

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