Dolls & Snow

It snowed again today. Just a tiny bit. It was cold, but it was pretty. So pretty we decided that Queen Elsa and Princess Anna needed another romp outside.

This Lottie Doll is the Snow Queen. We decided she needed to test her powers in the real snow, too.

Then we came inside. Big Sis didn't know what book to choose from the school library today, so instead, she picked a book for Little Sis: A Picture Book of Amelia Earhart by David Adler, illustrated by Robert Casilla [Holiday House, 1998]. Little Sis donned her aviator hat, while she and her Amelia Earhart doll listened to Big Sis read aloud from the book. Fun Fact: February 7 was Amelia Earhart's wedding anniversary. Another Fun Fact: Little Sis has narrowed her 2014 Halloween costume down to three choices. She will either be Amelia Earhart, Albert Einstein, or a dragon.

Tomorrow is Little Sis's first day to sell Girl Scout cookies. She is excited!  Sunday is the beginning of production week for my play. We open Wednesday night (gulp!).  And...  that is all.

Merry Weekend!  Happy Reading!

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More Instagrammin'

Today was our third snow day in a row. Tomorrow it ends. The girls head back to school for one whole day before the weekend. Oh, well. Sorry for not posting much, but I haven't had a lot to share. After Tuesday, it just became too cold to enjoy the snow outdoors, and the roads are too scary to go anywhere. Mr. B even burned up two vacation days, since he has to drive a little bit to his current railroad job. I braved the roads myself last night to go to rehearsal. We canceled Tuesday, but we couldn't spare anymore. I head back out tonight. (By the way, today is Mr. B's birthday - a milestone one - but he doesn't want anyone to know. Sigh.)

But here are a few things we have done over our little mini-vacation.

Big Sis and I make a great Rainbow Loom team! She designs and lays out the bands for her favorite pattern, the star burst bracelet, and I do the actual looming, since it's a bit difficult. She's now taking orders for family and friends. The black, purple, and silver bracelet is for one of my theatre friends, while the green, red, and orange bracelet is for her godfather.

The first of my two book pre-orders for the month arrived via UPS on Tuesday! Props to the brave UPS driver for delivering crap like books in that weather. I am so beyond excited to start this one, but lines are STILL. NOT. THERE.

I have created a Scattergories monster. Normally, she and I are super-competitive at board games. (Ask poor Mr. B.) However, neither of us are very good at Scattergories, nor do we care. It's fun to play anyway. (We got Scattergories as a wedding present back in 2002. Yes, we registered for it.)

My baby is cheesy. She has spent the last few days trashing the house with all of her toys, sneaking snacks when we're not looking, drawing and painting more pictures than I know what to do with, and binging on TV via Amazon and Netflix.  She starts selling Girl Scout cookies this Saturday! They're chilling in the trunk of my very cold car.

And that's what we've been up to. It only made it up to 12 degrees today. We got around 8 inches of snow. Tomorrow, we rejoin the world. And that is that.

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Snow Day

Late last February, our state saw a record-breaking amount of snowfall, in a very short amount of time. Everything came to standstill. It was crazy.

We called it The Blizzard of Oz.

Maybe this is our new February... thing.

Our school system announced at 6:00 last night that school would be canceled today.

That never happens.

The snow hadn't even started. It wasn't supposed to start until the overnight hours, piling up throughout today.

Turns out, they made the right call.

Everything is closing.  On Facebook, I'm watching as local businesses I follow are closing due to weather.

It's a marshmallow world...

While I wish my play rehearsal would go on as planned tonight - we open a week from tomorrow! - it will probably be canceled. That's my only complaint. Mr. B had already planned a vacation day for today, for reasons completely unrelated to weather, so my little family is all safe and accounted for at home.

And the truth? I love snow days.

Charlie and Lola: Snow is My Favorite and My Best,
based on characters created by Lauren Child.
Dial, 2006.

(I also love reading Charlie and Lola books aloud, because my Lola impression is my favourite and my best, if I do say so myself.)

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Don't Play With Your Food!

Buddy and the Bunnies in Don't Play With Your Food! by Bob Shea.Disney-Hyperion, 2014.
My daughters received a super-sweet package in the mail last week. My dear friend Nikki in Minneapolis got them each signed copies of the latest book by Bob Shea!

We love Bob Shea.  Our introduction was through the book New Socks, which one of the girls grabbed at the library a few years ago.  Something about the cute little bird and his socks - "New socks, meet wood floor!" - made the girls cackle.  His style really appeals to the younger set.  I was excited to hear he would be visiting the local indie store, and I even planned to let Big Sis miss a day of pre-K.  Alas, she did miss school that day - she was sick.  We missed our chance to meet Bob Shea.  Later that year, I did a Bob Shea storytime at the bookstore, reading both Dinosaur Vs. books that were out at the time and New Socks.  There were no event kits for the books, so my plan was to use leftover socks we had from a Sandra Boynton storytime that flopped (4 kids, 2 of them mine!) to make sock puppets with sticky foam shapes.  I was shocked when almost 30 children showed up that day!  I barely had enough socks - my storytimes usually ranged from seven to 15 kids - but we had the best time.  Little ones love Bob Shea.  (And if you haven't checked out last year's Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great yet, do it.  Very clever book!)

Anyhoo, Don't Play With Your Food! stars Buddy the Monster, who begins the book stomping around and yelling at everything: the sun, mountains, etc.  When he comes across a bunch of sweet little bunnies, he cannot wait to eat them!  The bunnies inform Buddy that they're making cupcakes, and wouldn't Buddy like to have cupcakes, too?  Buddy decides to eat the cupcakes first, "bunnies for dessert!"  Of course, Buddy gets too full on cupcakes to actually eat the bunnies that day.  From there on, every time Buddy comes to eat the bunnies (which, by the way, seem to multiply on every page - tee hee!), the bunnies suggest that Buddy join them in whatever activity they are doing that day.  Buddy goes swimming with the bunnies, he goes to the carnival with the bunnies...  Eventually, he decides enough is enough and returns to eat the bunnies once and for all.  However, Buddy has forgotten a very important rule - the title of the book.  And of course, one more thing:  You can't eat your friends!

You can see more of this book at Bob Shea's website, and Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast has some early sketches from the book.

Here is an early version of the book, entitled "Delicious Mystery," from Bob Shea's YouTube page:

Finally, if you are on Facebook, be sure and "like" Bob Shea.  He's a very generous author.  In the past, he has offered to send kids postcards and Dinosaur ornaments, if you email him your information.  We love our postcard and ornaments!  

EDIT:  After I published this, I noticed another couple mentions of Buddy and the Bunnies in my Bloglovin stream.  Go to The Little Crooked Cottage to check out an interview with Buddy himself,  and then click over to see the awesome Literary Lunch that Nina from Mamabelly's Lunches With Love made to go with the book! 

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