Winter Waits

Winter Waits by Lynn Plourde, illustrated by Greg Couch. Simon & Schuster, 2001.

Happy First Day of Winter! Happy Solstice! Happy Yule! We're preparing for the longest night of the year by taking a trip to the botanical gardens this evening. Every year, they deck the entire grounds in lights, and we're very excited to make our way there.

We checked out a couple books for this very day, and I wanted to share one of them with you. The Lynn Plourde/Greg Couch seasonal books are so spectacular, but I guess they're out of print now? Most of them, anyway. That's just not right! This book is so gorgeous and clever and peaceful and perfect for this time of year.

Winter wakes up and wants to play. Mother Earth sends him to see his father - Father Time. Father Time is very busy, so Winter must entertain himself. Finally, Father Time is ready for him. They play, until winter falls asleep. On the last page, Mother Earth is off to make sure Spring doesn't oversleep. Simple, special, perfect.

You can find a copy at your local library, or used book store or internet. If you do, there's a nice learning activity guide on Lynn Plourde's website, featuring questions to ask your little reader.

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  1. this is GORGEOUS. just amazing! what a cool, marvelous find! and happy winter to you!

    1. They have other seasonal books, too, and they're all just as lovely. :) Happy Winter, friend! Hope you're feeling better.

  2. What a lovely book! I'm especially fond of the winten solstice as it's my eldest daughter's birthday. How lovely that there's something special done for this particular day at the gardens. :)

    1. Happy Birthday to your sweet little one! The gardens are open every night from Thanksgiving to New Years. Despite some drizzle/light rain, the place was packed tonight. My tiny nieces weren't having it, so my sister had to take them home, leaving her older stepdaughters with us. My girls had fun with the older cousins tonight. :)

      Happy, happy winter!


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