The Nutcracker, and Two Little Golden Books

So The Nutcracker was beautiful, as always. I love the music, I love the dancing, I love the spectacle. Of course, this year was extra-special, seeing my own little mouse onstage for her short scene. She was so cute.

She made some great memories. I have a feeling there will be more Nutcracker years ahead of us. She wanted me to tell you that two pieces of children's entertainment helped prepare her for her audition, back in August: 1) the American Girl movie Isabelle Dances Into The Spotlight, because the auditioning process in the movie was very similar, and 2) the book Tallulah's Nutcracker (blogged here), because Tallulah is also a mouse, and it talks about with nerves, and how to deal with mistakes.

Okay, I made two giant Nutcracker posts for the past two years, and they both rank among my most popular posts ever. My "Great Big Nutcracker Post" from 2012 is still my #1 post, as it includes a tutu wreath tutorial. (I made a new mini wreath this year, by the way. It's a gift for the girls' dance teacher at school, who is also Little Sis's ballet teacher at Children's Theatre, and who was also in The Nutcracker.)  Last year, I blogged about a ton of different Nutcracker books. I did not, however, blog about a Little Golden Book version. Shocking, no? I did get a copy of the 1991 LGB illustrated by Barbara Lanza recently, though. The illustrations are soft and sweet. The text is by Rita Balducci, and it makes for a nice, read-aloud storybook edition.

The Nutcracker (A Little Golden Book) adapted by Rita Balducci,
illustrated by Barbara Lanza. Western Publishing, 1991.

My favorite illustration is definitely Mother Ginger and her Ginger Snaps. A new edition was published this fall, illustrated by the great Sheilah Beckett, who only passed away last year. (There is a lovely Facebook page devoted to her, if you care to "like" it.)  When I got my copy, I was especially excited to see what she did with Mother Ginger. After all, the author was the same. Alas, the text has been changed quite a bit, especially in "The Land of Sweets." There is no Mother Ginger, but the book is quite lovely.

The Nutcracker (Little Golden Book) by Rita Balducci, illustrated by Sheilah Beckett.
Golden Books / Random House, 2014. 

And that's it. My Nutcracker post for 2014! Anyone else out there in Bloggy Land seeing - or dancing in - a production of The Nutcracker this year?

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  1. Aww how cute she is! I love the ears! And her bright smile! :D
    We love all Nutcracker books -Tallulah's Nutcracker is waiting to be unwrapped one of these days, and the first one of your Little Golden Books, which we got last Christmas, is a favorite that's been read all year long. The illustrations are lovely in both Little Golden Books!

    1. You blogged the 1991 LGB last year, didn't you? I found mine earlier this fall. :) Thanks!

  2. love love love!! oh she's so darling!!! what a magical experience that must have been for her! and these books. the older one, I wish I could have that. so beautiful!

    1. She was pretty worn out by the end of it, but it was wonderful. Her school came and saw her on a field trip, and she made new friends. She says she'll decide next summer if she wants to audition again, but I bet she will. :)


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