Mickey's Christmas Carol (A Little Golden Book)

Mickey's Christmas Carol (A Little Golden Book) by Walt Disney Productions.
Golden / Western Publishing Company, 1983.

1983 marked the return of Mickey Mouse to the big screen, in his first theatrically-released new short film in 30 year.  I still have my little stuffed Mickey's Christmas Carol character toys from Hardee's.  

I don't think we had the Little Golden Book version of the cartoon, but we probably had a read-along book and cassette.  You have no idea how much I loved this short when I was in first grade.

My favorite part of the cartoon was the pretty theme song, which is obviously missing from the book. I still play "Name That Character!" when I watch it at home.

I haven't read a lot of Charles Dickens, but I adore A Christmas Carol. I love the original book, and I have a soft spot for most of the film and television adaptations I've seen: from the 1930s versions (this one and that one) to the 1950s Alistair Sim version, from Mr. Magoo to Mickey to the Muppets. There are so many, I haven't come close to seeing them all.  In fact, don't ask me about the Albert Finney, George C. Scott, Patrick Stewart, or Kelsey Grammar versions that show up on TV so often. Haven't gotten to them yet!  Or the more recent animated versions, come to think of it...  I do prefer the adaptations to be set in the Victorian Era, but I must admit, one of my favorite holiday films period is 1988's Scrooged with Bill Murray.

Sorry, I'm rambling now, right?

Here are some videos I found on Vimeo and YouTube.  If you ever try to watch Mickey's Christmas Carol on ABC Family, you will get a choppily edited version.  They butcher all those Christmas shorts during their 25 Days of Christmas promotion.  Here is the whole cartoon via Vimeo, but you can buy the DVD or Blu-Ray, rent or buy it from Amazon Instant Video, or from DisneyOnDemand on YouTube, or VUDU or  iTunes.

Here is a making-of special from 1984.

And here is a YouTube video of the original Disneyland Records record production, 
"An Adaptation of Dickens' A Christmas Carol Presented by the Popular
Repertory Company The Disney Players" from 1974.

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  1. I love the Dickens version and grew up on this one so it's got serious nostalgia for me. In fact, I recently borrowed the DVD from the library so Little Miss Whimsy could enjoy it too.

    1. We checked it out last year, but the disk was pretty scratched up. I was more disappointed than anyone. ;)

  2. I love A Christmas Carol too! The book is a childhood favorite and Mickey's cartoon version too.. Your Little Golden Book is adorable! I haven't watched many movie versions, but I have watched a few, and the Muppets' is one of my favorites!

    1. I love the Muppet version. In fact, Little Sis was home sick from school again today. Tonight, I put her to bed in my room with that movie on.

  3. Any version of A Christmas Carol is a good thing. Love the cartoon, and have never seen this book! Darling! Old timey Mickey just gives me a happy feeling. :)


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