Kangaroo For Christmas

Kangaroo for Christmas by James Flora.
Originally published by Harcourt, Brace & World, 1962.
Reprinted by Enchanted Lion Books, 2011.

Little Sis adores Jim Flora's illustrations. His record album covers? She can look at books of those for hours. Kangaroo for Christmas was reprinted by Enchanted Lion Books a few years ago, so I leapt at the chance to pop a new copy in one of our Advent calendar bags this year.

The story itself is silly: a little girl gets a big present delivered to her house, courtesy of Uncle Diego. Out pops Adelaide, a big brown kangaroo. Kathryn hops on Adelaide's back, excited to show her off to Grandma. Of course, all sorts of mayhem ensues. It's light on Christmas, heavy on fun, and the illustrations are spectacular, of course. The book alternates between black & white and full color spreads, and both are equally awesome.

I captured this peaceful moment between bathtime and bedtime: the girls taking turns reading it aloud on the kitchen floor, while I worked on dishes.

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  1. Oh this looks awesome! The illustrations are incredible, and it reminds me of some old-fashioned cartoons I used to watch when I was little! What The girls taking turns reading aloud- what a sweet, beautiful moment :)

    1. Yes! His illustrations are amazing. Little Sis is in love. Flora is her favorite artist right now. :)

  2. Always like a story of a Kangaroo, and find in the past in teaching lower Elementary children that a big kangaroo apron with pockets reminds them of their need for tenderness-just as when they were very very young and cared for by family. thanks for this presentation of Kangaroos. My Dutch husband's brother and sister live in Queensland Australia. The brother's daughter writes to my husband via email. She grew up in Queensland, must have had a few run ins with wild kangaroos? atk

    1. The kangaroo in this story is pretty zany, of course. ;) The apron sounds very sweet.


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