Christmas Break

Little Sis got this sweet little placemat from her friend at church. She left Santa a note to say "I love you." (He answered.)

This Christmas break is flying by! I cannot believe it is the last day of 2014. I have a cough and cold now. We are being lazy right now, but soon, we must tackle Mt. Laundry.

As promised, here is a look at some of our winter break.

A trip to Illuminations at Botanica, on the first evening of winter:

This little guy was in the gift shop. His price tag was a bit too steep for me, but I wanted him. You know I did.

The girls and I sat outside the downtown branch of the library, listening to the Christmas carol carillon concert across the street. We love the old City Building / Historical Museum.

The girls got a Christmas tree cookie pan with sprinkles and icing in their Advent calendar. I made the cookie and the white icing. I let them take it from there. (Too. Much.)

Little Sis was a lamb in the church Christmas pageant again. Big Sis did not want to be an angel again, so she opted to be a shepherd instead. Three days later, we let them stay up to attend the 11 PM Christmas Eve service. I'm not sure that was the best idea. It was a bit much for Little Sis, who is wired so differently from her sister. I think we'll attend the 7 PM service next year.

Christmas morning was low-key. So was dinner. My dad and grandma joined us. I made this cake. Mr. B made a pork roast.

Big Sis got her own vintage "big-eyed" doll with a tear: a Love Me Linda by Vogue. (This blogger does a nice job of describing her. There is also a Flickr pool devoted to her.)  She and Little Miss No Name got acquainted. There were lots of Legos this year (Ghostbusters!!!), a new Sonny Angel, some bacon-themed stocking stuffers.

I took Big Sis to see the other local production of The Nutcracker. (Maria Kowroski and Tyler Angle from the New York City Ballet guest-starred!) We drove around to look at lights. The girls' fairy godparents came bearing gifts (including a beautiful Nutcracker music box for Big Sis, and an awesome airplane picture frame for Little Sis). We had a late Christmas at my sister's, where Little Sis got this awesome Amelia t-shirt, and Big Sis received a box of A Series of Unfortunate Events and the book Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu.

Mr. B has been to work a few days. The girls and I have snuggled at home with Netflix (this show, total binge-watch) and Blu-Rays (YES). We started reading the first Harry Potter book together. We've enjoyed sipping Winter Spice tea and eating lots of chocolate. (Ritter Sport Coffee and Hazelnuts may be the most amazing thing ever. I have awesome friends.) And look at the candle my friend Amy in New York brought me!

Our white Christmas landed on the sixth day of Christmas. We braved the cold and snow to see Into the Woods. [Our thoughts? Big Sis and I liked it. We did not like the changes made to Rapunzel's ending. It weakened the story. Little Sis did not like it, and wishes the old Bernadette Peters/Joanna Gleason stage version was back on Netflix. You know we're a theatre family when mom and kiddos can compare a movie musical to both a filmed stage version and live local productions...]

I snapped this picture of the theater marquee in the snow before we left.

We have no big New Year's plans. Mr. B is home, but between illness and housework, my energy is waning. I hope everyone out there in Blogland has a beautiful 2015!

See you next year!

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  1. Aw how cute they look in their coats! And the little lamb reminds me of Ramona Quimby in Beverly Cleary's Ramona and her Father. :)
    Your new old doll is gorgeous. And the tree cookie definitely looks like something Fancy Nancy would have made, how appropriate! :D
    And... Dumbledore's candle?! Awesome! I've seen a recorded version of the musical Into the Woods, I think it was the Bernadette Peters one. I loved that one, but it's been years, I can't remember a lot anymore.
    Happy New Year to you! Best wishes and lots of hugs! xoxoxo

    1. Aww, thank you so much. A very happy new year to you, too! Hugs and kisses from afar! xoxo

  2. I don't know where to start with ALL THE AWESOME!!! we saw Into the Woods too, and liked it! Like, not looooove. I liked that I could understand all the words, which I did not get during the play. I LOVED the princes' song, Julia and I thought that was the best part of the movie ha ha ha ha!

    what a ton of fun you all managed to pack in! love the lights! the cookie! the treats! the PORK :)

    1. "Agony" was hilarious. We were sad that the reprise in Act 2 was cut, but with the changes to Rapunzel's story, there was no longer a place for it. :(

      Happy New Year, darling friend! xoxo


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