Big Pig And The Lost Elf

Big Pig and the Lost Elf by Randy Briley.
Raven Mad Studios, 2013.

I have a cute little rhyming story for you today, all about a little BIG pig who only wants to give help for Christmas.

Isn't Big Pig cute???

Unfortunately, as much as the pig tries to be helpful, his help is not appreciated and offends the whole farm!

The sheep don't like their new 'dos.


Just as the poor pig settles in for a lonely Christmas, an elf falls to the ground. He has tumbled out of a certain flying sleigh. Now the pig has someone to help! He may not know how to go about it, and they may get lost take a few detours along the way, but the pig will help the elf find his home on the North Pole!

Piranhas! Eek!  

The South Pole! I love it.

And the pig and the elf do find the North Pole, and after a joyous reunion with Santa and the other elves, the pig is made an honorary elf. The two friends make plans to reunite every Christmas.

The rhyming text is very simple. As we read it, I thought about my daughters when they were smaller. You know, when a very small child is desperate to help a grown-up do "grown-up work," and you know they're just going to make a bigger mess of things? The sad little pig reminded me how much it can hurt when your attempts to help go awry. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and the urge to make everything pretty and keep everything functional, it can be easy to lose one's temper with a little helper.

Randy Briley's big-eyed creatures are so whimsical and fun to look at. You may recognize his art from this book or his name from this book. I'm in love with his illustrations. He sells prints and cards on his website, Raven Mad Studios. There are several Halloween cards, but the one Christmas card does feature his cute little elf. (Check them out here.) This book and more are available at the website, as well as Createspace and Amazon. You can also find him on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of Big Pig and the Lost Elf from the author. All opinions are my own.

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  1. SO darling! I think we should all be taking to the street, proclaiming the greatness of Randy Briley's magical art!

  2. Such a cute book and adorable little creatures! Love the art!

  3. What a gorgeous book, thank you for telling us about it.


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