The Together Book (Sesame Street, Little Golden Book)

Sesame Street: The Together Book by Revena Dwight, illustrated by Roger Bradfield.
Golden Press / Western Publishing, 1971.

Yesterday was the 45th anniversary of Sesame Street's first broadcast! Happy Birthday to the Street!

I was a total late '70s-1980s Sesame Street kid. I remember when grown-ups never saw Snuffleupagus, I remember when Mr. Hooper died, I remember when Elmo was a brand-new (very cute) little Muppet, and because I have younger siblings, I even remember Maria and Luis's wedding. I still make time to watch Christmas Eve on Sesame Street every year. Until I was 18, I even had a Bird Bird pennant from my last childhood trek to see Sesame Street Live.

Of course, my daughters were into Sesame Street, too.  Especially Little Sis.  She used to lie in her crib and "talk" to her favorite characters on the ceiling.  She wasn't talking much yet, so she identified them by sounds.  Cookie Monster was "nom nom nom," Ernie was his laugh, the Count was "ha ha ha," Big Bird was "La La" (because of this DVD). Elmo, however, was "Memmo."  I think "Memmo" was her first word.

Anyway, enough of me blabbering. Here is a classic early Sesame Street Little Golden Book, called The Together Book.  Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Oh, so lovely. Sesame Street was on tv here in the seventies - but not as often as I would have liked it to be. And happy b-day to your little girl - those are awesome doll legs!

  2. Lovely book! In Greece, Sesame Street was on TV sometime in the '80s and I have a very blurred memory of watching it- in fact, I don't remember a thing. But we love the books. Actually, today our Little Sis said "Elmo" for the first time. We got some sesame street diapers for the first time (lol) and when she saw elmo on the one she was about to wear she said "ememo". So funny! :O)

  3. ha ha ha! I was a mid 70's Sesame St kid! I feel OLD. LOVE vintage Sesame books. they are truly the best! this is darling! (i am sad b/c I feel like Julia never truly embraced Sesame Street. sniffle.)

    1. Big Sis liked Sesame Street, but it wasn't her favorite. Little Sis loved it, though. And both girls liked certain DVDs we owned. They are interested in the history of the show, and the people behind the characters. They take after me in that way. :)


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