Our All Hallows Eve

To all of my friends here in the United States, Happy Election Day! May obnoxious political ads be a thing of the past. (Or at least until presidential primary season, which shouldn't be until 2016, but it does seem to start earlier and earlier...)

But let's talk Halloween!  One more time!

Little Red: Wolf Hunter and Amelia Earhart went trick-or-treating in our favorite neighborhood. Our own neighborhood was dark this year. My husband only had three groups of trick-or-treaters. However, in nearby College Hill, there is a street that is blocked off every Halloween, with elaborate decorations and people passing out candy in driveways. The spectacle and atmosphere is so fun and fabulous. We started a couple blocks away, hitting some nearby houses and running into friends, then stopped by the Community Theatre to show off costumes to our theatre friends. Then we hit Halloween Street!

We didn't linger. We had to head home, where my grandmother was waiting for us. After picking her up, we headed to the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum for their annual Torchlight Tour.

The Torchlight Tour is such a fun little event. The Coleman company provides little flashlights, and you explore most of the museum in the dark! The museum is housed in the old City Building, designed by Proudfoot & Bird in the 1890s. Little Sis doesn't usually care for the old Otis elevator, preferring the grand stairs, but even she wouldn't complain about the elevator, as long as she could keep wearing her airplane!

We headed up to the foot of the clock tower first. There were slides projected high on the brick wall, showing the higher parts of the tower that were only accessible by taking the very tall, zig-zagging, rickety wooden stairs. as well as historical photos. From there, we explored the rest of the building: the "Wichita Cottage" exhibit, the "Magic City" history of early Wichita exhibit, a display of mid-century furniture, the exhibit of the Air Capital during the war years, the old soda fountain area with lots of Mentholatum memorabilia...

The girls' favorite spot, however, is the childhood exhibit. There's nothing like looking at antique toys and books in the dark, with flashlights. It's a bit creepy, like snooping in a very clean old attic.

And there are dolls! Lots of old dolls!

I took one last picture with my phone, before hopping into the car. I don't know where the green light came from, but I love this picture!

Then it was home to our jack o'lanterns and Mr. B, who had some beef and noodles waiting for the girls, in case they needed one last bit of real, non-candy food before bed. (They did.)

Thanks for spending your October with Silver Shoes & Rabbit Holes! I know I go overboard, but seriously, October through January is my favorite chunk of the year.


  1. I think you post the most during the month of October :) You sure went into full drive with the decorations, pumpkin carving and costumes (which I think were brilliant by the way)! thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures! I don't see a lot of people enjoy Halloween but this is a great occasion to bring fun to the family!

    1. I like Halloween. :) I'll have a bit of a slow-down, then I'll be gearing up for Advent and Christmas. Overload, take two!

  2. WOW - those Halloween displays! Amazing! And I love your description of that other place as a very clean attic in which to snoop around ha ha ha! Sounds like the girls has a grand time!!!!

    1. This street goes all out! It's an old, well-to-do neighborhood, and this one street decided to be Halloween Street, and people set up the most elaborate displays. Then they block off the street, and the police set up "lost child stations," and it's just an all-around good time. Most of the people come from outside the neighborhood, but everyone is welcome. I think it's awesome that these people put so much work into giving the community a good time!

      I do love the historical museum. I was impressed how many people were there that night, including kids.

  3. Wow- everything looks SO cool! Loved the displays! You're the queen of October, so thanks for sharing! I loved all your posts! Can't wait for Christmas hehe ;O)

    1. Yay, Christmas! There's already a radio station playing 24-hour Christmas music. That's just not right. :/

      Thank you so much! :)


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