My Brimful Book: Mother Goose Rhymes

My Brimful Book: An All-New Collection of All-Time Favorites, illustrated by Tasha Tudor, Margot Austin, and Wesley Dennis.  Platt & Munk Co., 1960.

As promised, I have more photos from My Brimful Book today!

A week ago, I showed you Part One of the book, "Favorite Poems of Childhood," illustrated by Tasha Tudor.  Part Two is "Mother Goose Rhymes," illustrated by Margot Austin.  According to Wikipedia, Platt & Munk first published Margot Austin's "Mother Goose Rhymes" in 1940. Apparently, Margot Austin was a rather prolific writer and illustrator, working for Jack & Jill magazine, in addition to writing and illustrating books.  I tried to find some more of her books via the library, but the only one available is A Friend for Growl Bear, and it's a later edition, with new illustrations by someone else.  Sigh.

I think her illustrations are very sweet and old-fashioned.  I wish I could have checked out some more of her books.  Her most popular works had to do with a character called Gabriel Churchkitten, which was adapted into a cartoon by Famous Studios, in 1944.  I did find the cartoon on YouTube.  Enjoy!

One more section to go!  I'll have Part Three next week.  You can see Part One here.

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  1. Oh how I ENVY you this darling beauty!!!! Just the charmingest.

  2. My thoughts exactly, sweet and old-fashioned! This part of the book is very very cute too!

    1. And this section was easier to photograph, because of the brighter colors. The book is too big for my scanner, plus I would have been afraid of damaging it. ;)


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