My Brimful Book: Animal Stories

My Brimful Book: An All-New Collection of All-Time Favorites, illustrated by Tasha Tudor, Margot Austin, and Wesley Dennis.  Platt & Munk Co, 1960.

I have one last section of My Brimful Book to show you.  

The third part, "Animal Stories," is illustrated by Wesley Dennis, best-known for illustrating the horse novels of Marguerite Henry.

 I'm not sure who wrote these stories, but it's the paintings that are worth seeing.  The titles of some of the stories really seem to be illustrating the art, rather than the other way around: "What a Beautiful Cow and Calf!" and "Let Us Look at Beautiful Horses." Unlike the Tasha Tudor and Margot Austin entries, this chapter seems to have never been published as a stand-alone book.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the beautiful book with me! See Part One (Tasha Tudor) here, and see Part Two (Margot Austin) here.

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  1. This section is beautiful too! Love this book. It reminds me of some old animal books my mom used to read to me when I was little.

    1. Very classic, right? I agree, while I didn't read any Marguerite Henry growing up, the realistic painting style reminds me of other books from when I was a kid.


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