Oh So Tiny Bunny & Oh So Brave Dragon

Today is the first day of OCTOBER, the start of my favorite time of year.  (That would be October through the beginning of January, folks.)  Normally, I would be starting my month-long Halloween celebration, but we won't get to put our decorations up until tomorrow (no dance classes after school = TIME), so I decided to wait one more day before turning things ghoulie.  Besides, I have two darling books to share with you and I don't want to wait until November!

Are you or your little ones Miss Spider fans?  The books by David Kirk are so beautiful, and when my girls were very small, they loved to watch Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends on Noggin Nick Jr. (I'm just kidding.  It changed from Noggin to Nick Jr. a year before we got rid of cable, but in my mind, it will always be Noggin - Moose and Zee Forever!)  We haven't watched it in so long, that when Mr. B found a clip on the internet the other day, Big Sis started tearing up, sad because she said it reminded her of when she and her sister were little.  She's 9, folks.  I'm raising a first-rate sentimentalist.

Anyway, we checked out two new books by David Kirk, this week.  The first, Oh So Tiny Bunny, came out last year.

Oh So Tiny Bunny by David Kirk. Feiwel and Friends, 2013.

Oh So Tiny is very little, but he has very big dreams.

Dreams about being big.  Dreams about big food.

However, in his dreams, he becomes so big that he becomes very lonely.  Just as the loneliness is about to consume him, he wakes to the gentle nuzzle of another bunny.  So sweet!

Oh So Brave Dragon came out this year.  (Did you see Oh So Brave's cameo in the bunny book?)

Oh So Brave Dragon by David Kirk.  Feiwel and Friends, 2014.

Oh So Brave may be small, but he is super-brave!  He is a gloriously ferocious little guy.

Until he hears a big roar.  We know it is his own roar, but he is certain it must belong to a monster.

He roars again to frighten the monster, but once again, he scares himself, never believing the roar could be his own.  He rushes about, asking all the other forest creatures if they heard the monster, too.

Finally, he gathers all the other forest creatures up, promising to protect them.  Maybe if they all roar together, they will frighten the monster once and for all.

It's been nearly three years since my last bookstore storytime, and these would have been wonderful read-alouds for my little customers.  We could have roared together!  These days, I read occasionally in our elementary classrooms, and sometimes, Little Sis has me read books and do crafts at her birthday parties.  She misses our old Saturday mornings, even though she was pretty little back then. My sentimental babies...

Of course, while we may lament Mom's lack of employment, there is nothing stopping us from having an old-fashioned storytime at home!  Complete with printable crafts!  I visited David Kirk's Treehouse and clicked on "Playroom."  There, you can find lots of printable goodies, coloring pages and puppets and stuff.

As the storytime lady at the bookstore, I loved it when publishers and authors provided printables. (Because sometimes, I just wasn't creative enough to come up with a suitable craft on my own...)  These were especially cute, too.  Little Sis colored Oh So Tiny, then colored his pajamas.  We cut them out, and dressed him!  Big Sis made a dragon puppet.  She plans to work on the little finger puppet critters next.  There are teacher materials on the website, too.

Stay tuned for Halloweeny and Autumn goodness, starting tomorrow!  I can't promise to blog five days a week, but I do have lots to share.

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  1. Oh these books are darling! We need them, sometime pretty soon! haha
    We need to check out Little Spider too.
    What a great idea, to have an old-fashioned storytime at home, with printables and everything.
    I can't wait for your spooky and Autumn posts! lol
    Happy October!!

    1. There are quite a few publishers who make printable activity or event kits available online. We would receive cool event kits into the bookstore on occasion, but never enough for every storytime. I would come up with a craft idea, usually using whatever materials I had on hand (we had a limited budget), or I would search for printable kits or activity sheets. Obviously, there are authors who provide pages, too. I bookmark those sites and if the girls complain about being bored, I'll print off a word find or coloring page related to a book they like. :)

      Waiting for a website to come back online so I can finish my first Halloween post! It's always something... Happy October to you, too!

  2. Great books! I recognize the same type of illustrations as for Miss Spider which my son adores still to this day! Happy October to you too!

    1. The TV show was one of the things we sadly bid farewell when we cancelled cable. The first episode is free on Amazon Instant right now, but that is all. Mr. B and I were talking about the kids' shows we miss the most from when the girls were little last night. We always liked Miss Spider. I like Kristin Davis's voice as Miss Spider - she sounds so warm and sweet.

  3. oh these are so sweet!!!! tiny bunny!!! I love it when kids refer to themselves as remember when I was little? you're STILL little, doggone it!!!!

    1. But Big Sis is soooo old! Tee hee. She didn't want to turn nine, because she was convinced it couldn't get much better than eight. She's so funny.

  4. Your blog is lovely. I love how you present the books and the craft pages! I'm busy making two new books about monsters and trucks. I've also been working on a face making app that will be a lot of fun.

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for the wonderful books you write and the fun printables and entertainment! It is so cool that you took the time to stop by.


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