Little Boo

Little Boo by Stephen Wunderli, illustrated by Tim Zeltner.
Henry Holt and Company, 2014.

Another new Halloween picture book - thank you, library!  This one features a little pumpkin seed so cute, it almost makes me feel guilty for craving yummy roasted seeds.  Almost.

Well, barely.  Actually, I wish I had a bowl right now.

This is a sweet, beautifully illustrated book about a little seed, who longs to be scary.

Through the fall and into the winter, the seed tries to be scary, but is laughed at by a leaf, a grub, the snowflakes.  Finally the wind steps in to care for the little seed.

The seed falls asleep.  When  he wakes, the sun is warm overhead and he is starting to sprout!  The little sprout tries to be scary, but it isn't yet time.

All the while, the kind wind looks after the seed-sprout-plant, telling it "soooooon."

Then one day, the big, ripe pumpkin the seed has become is picked.

You can probably guess what happens after that.

You can find an activity kit for the book at the Macmillan website.  There are pumpkin carving templates, a maze, and a "growing activity."

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  1. Awesome book! The little seed is adorable! Um, actually, Stavroula and I just had a bowl of roasted pumpkin seeds this afternoon...

    1. Yeah, I wrote this post and scheduled it a few days ago. I have a bowl of seeds on the counter, toasted and salted. Tee hee!

  2. WELL THIS IS DARLING! next year i have a pal with a toddler who would love this!!!


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