Kansas Barn Sale 2014

An autumn tradition for the girls and me, these past four Octobers, is to attend the Kansas Barn Sale in Hesston, KS.  The first year, 2011, my girls were six and not-yet-four.  The event was smaller, the barn was old and unsafe to enter, but we picked up some good deals and the girls and my Grandma ate a nice Mennonite lunch.  I didn't have a blog yet. I found out about the sale by seeing comments by "Kansas Barn Sale" on The Farm Chicks' Facebook page, if memory serves.  The second year we attended was rainy and cold.  We didn't stay too long.  Last year's sale was on a lovely day, with a brand new barn to check out and many more vendors.  

This year's event was GINORMOUS.  There were even more vendors and so many people.  The organizers have truly made their sale a huge regional success.  We didn't arrive until well after lunch, when the weather was a bit warmer.  We lucked out in that no one needed to go to the bathroom while we were there - I read lots of complaints about there not being enough port-a-johns.  The booths were a bit congested, but we weren't in a hurry.  We saw everything everyone had to offer and left with a few treasures.

Inside the barn.  Isn't it lovely? 

Mini pumpkins were three for a dollar!  We left with 6.
We received a bigger pumpkin after giving a charitable donation, too.

These flowers were beautiful.  The butterflies agreed.

Sooooo many people.

I love, love, love these.

Meet Caroline Coraline, Little Sis's new ragdoll.

We had a cider and lemonade break, bought some homemade fudge,
Mom got coffee, and look at that piano-turned-awesome furniture piece!

We parked a little ways down the dirt road.  We made it back to the car only to discover my keys were missing.  I couldn't see them in the car.  This meant I lost them somewhere at the sale.  We walked back, looking at the ground the entire time, just in case.  At the entrance, I asked if anyone had turned in a set of keys.  They told me, yes, one set had been turned in, and they took them to the side of the barn, where the musical performances were held.  We walked across the yard to the barn.  Sure enough, right there on top of the speaker, were my keys.

This year, besides our edible treats, doll, and pumpkins, we left with some homemade pumpkin bread soap and some lip balm from Foam on the Range, and a couple of vintage books.  The first book we bought was a second edition copy of Scuffy the Tugboat and His Adventures Down the River (so much more text than the version I'm used to!) and My Brimful Book , a lovely oversized collection of poems, rhymes, and stories, illustrated by Tasha Tudor, Margot Austin, and Wesley Dennis.  I plan on blogging more about the books next month.

Thank you, Kansas Barn Sale people.  Congratulations on your success!  We always have a great time.

And that was our Saturday afternoon!  Back to spooky books tomorrow!

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  1. What an awesome time you had! I am happy to see that a small sale event like this has boomed over the years! Hurray to local success and community organization! I am impressed that somebody bothered to give your car keys where you could find them later! There are still good people out there. My faith inhumanity is restored after reading depressing news this morning. Lovely new finds! I have Sruffy the Tugboat too! My son loves that story!

    1. It was a lovely afternoon. I felt so bad reading so many negative comments on the Facebook page, whining about it being too crowded and there not being enough restrooms. Seriously, this was the fourth year for the event, and it was insane how many people came. They did add a bit more space this year, and there were more port-a-johns and food, but I don't think anyone could have foreseen how large an increase of people there would be this year. We came after lunch, when it was a little less crazy. I think it's fabulous that these folks open their yard and barn to the public, and raise all this money for charity. It's a wonderful event.

  2. Looks like a great outing! Love your pictures! And the rag doll. And her name. :)

    1. We had a fine time! The names she gives her dolls and toys... oh, they make me smile.

  3. I love it. I adore these kinds of things. Fall's the best.

    1. I love it, too. There's another barn sale in another nearby town. I still need to attend it someday. :)

  4. i would have had a mental collapse about the keys......anyhoo - you better show me that Tasha Tudor really super speedy quick!!!! :)

    1. The keys freaked me out, although I was happy Mr. B was off work that day, just in case I had to call him. So relieved we found them so quickly! And I'll show off the book first week of November. Promise.


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