Halloween on YouTube

It's a dreary, rainy day here in Doo-Dah.  A perfect day to bake some pumpkin muffins and watch creepy things on the telly or computer. May I suggest this recipe from Cookie & Kate?  I only had a quarter cup of maple syrup and NO honey, so I used a quarter cup of molasses.  Oh, and I added chocolate chips, because pumpkin and chocolate taste heavenly together.  And if you overbake your muffins, like I did, it doesn't matter - they are still the moistest, most delicious pumpkin muffins I ever made.  Seriously.  So, bake yourself some muffins and watch some fun stuff!  I'll get you started:

How about some old Muppet Show episodes...

Some old Disney cartoons...

Some Mighty Mouse, followed by a little Casper the Friendly Ghost...

  • For a few music-related videos, click here.
  • For some more cartoons, music, and silent films, click here.
  • For some '90s Nickelodeon nostalgia, click here.
  • In the mood for the kitschiest Halloween special the '70s ever produced?  Click here.
  • If your Halloween experience must include some Tim Curry, click here.
  • More Disney?  Click here.
  • Disney made-for-TV fun?  Click here.
  • I'm working on a new Pediophobia post. For last year's post, and some cool videos, click here.

We haven't watched a lot of new stuff this year.  I did get a VHS copy of Hocus Pocus for the girls from the library.  I was in high school when the movie came out, and honestly, it just didn't appeal to me then.  It still isn't a favorite, but both daughters liked it, especially Big Sis.

I'll have my usual Friday book round-up tomorrow!  Stay tuned!

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  1. Such a great list! We were watching Donald's Trick or Treat the other day. I'll go watch more now :) The muffins look yummy. I've got two large pumpkins in the kitchen right now, we need to make something yummy out of them too :)

    1. I'm going to wait until after Halloween before hacking into mine. Well, we'll make our jack o'lanterns before that, but the little pumpkins will wait. I need to find a blue pumpkin - they're my favorite for making my favorite pumpkin soup!

  2. Replies
    1. They were delicious! I wasn't sure how well they'd go over with the kids, since they were sweetened with maple and molasses, and had oats. They LOVED them! Even my super-picky littlest.

  3. Muffins, done! Happening next on my list after I make the Trader Joe's pumpkin bread mix I have, which I'm making in a cake pan. Thank you for this delightful post, sweet D! I can't wait to show all these video clips to Julia! xoxo!

    1. I'll be doing a lot more pumpkin baking after Halloween. We're going to have Little Sis's birthday party one week late, so we can have a week to recover from Halloween. She wants pumpkin cupcakes again - her favorite!


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