Grandpa's Ghost Stories

Grandpa's Ghost Stories by James Flora.
Margaret K. McElderry, 1978.

Hello, spooklies, ghosties, and regular readers!  I have a vintage treat for you today.

Over the summer, I checked out a few books by and about James Flora.  While Mr. Flora wrote and illustrated several children's books (see a couple of them here), he is best known for his graphic design, especially his cool album cover art.  Little Sis fell in love with the art books.  I even managed to find a Benny Goodman album on eBay for cheap, featuring his art, and when Little Sis saw it, she told me it belonged to her!  (Mr. B framed it.  Not my choice, because you know, Benny Goodman...)

One of the books we checked out over the summer was so crazy and so freaky, I knew we had to re-check it this month.  And so we did!

Grandpa's Ghost Stories begins with a terrible storm.  The narrator, a boy, finds himself jumping onto his Grandpa's lap.  From there, Grandpa begins to spin a yarn about what happened to him as a boy, lost in the woods during a storm.

The book is divided into three tales from this point on: "The Bag of Old Bones," about a skeleton who comes to life and wants to eat him; "The Cave of the Warty Witch," about a witch who turns him into a spider; and "The House of the Ghastly Ghost," which is where he ends up after being whisked away by a giant disembodied hand.  There, he gets picked up and babied by a giant she-ghost, who makes him watch creepy ghost TV on channel 4 1/2!

Funny, freaky stuff!  Unfortunately, this one hasn't been reissued, and copies of it seem to fetch a lot of money.  I have to request it from our library system's storage basement, which makes me sad.  If you can score a copy, or if your library has it in stock, do check it out if you like creepy kids' books!

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  1. oh my gosh, oh my gosh, sprinting over to my library site the second I'm done with this comment!! love it! thanks for the find!!!!

    1. It's such a bizarre, funny book. A bit freaky, but we tend to enjoy freaky...

  2. Super cool and super freaky! You're so lucky for your library... But really, the art (and the story) looks so crazy!

    1. Flora's stuff is pretty wild! A couple of his books have been reprinted in the last couple of years, so they're a bit easier to find. The Day the Cow Sneezed has some fabulous illustrations. :)


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