At The Old Haunted House

At the Old Haunted House by Helen Ketteman, illustrated by Nate Wragg.
Two Lions, 2014.

Another Halloween book for you today!  Our library added some very fine treats this year, and we've enjoyed getting to know these new books.  This one is particularly great for younger kids.  It's cute and silly, rather than scary, and it's a counting book!  It's a take-off of that old standard "Over in the Meadow."

"At the old haunted house / in a room with no sun / lived a warty green witch / and her wee witchy one. 'Spell!' cried the witch. 'Poof!' cried the one. / And they practiced spells / in the room with no sun."

And so on and so on...

The illustrations are pretty awesome, right?  Nate Wragg has worked for Pixar, and you know how great those movies look.  This would make a worthy addition to a Halloween book collection.  There's a marvelous activity kit on the book's Amazon page - Two Lions is an imprint of Amazon Publishing - complete with craft ideas and printable game and coloring pages.  I especially like the rhyming activity (see page 3).

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