Happy Weekend

Happy Sunday!  I planned to publish our "other stuff we're reading" post yesterday, but we were busy.  Mr. B, the girls, and I ran around, getting the house ready for company.  Then my dad, grandma, and sister and her husband and daughters came over to celebrate my birthday.  We had pizza, and my grandma made her no-bake cherry cheesecake.  Along with a few other things (including my Darth Vader), I received a nice little birthday haul.  I'm wearing my new skirt, got some great books and movies, bought a record in Joplin...

So, what else have we read this week?

What We Read

The Life and Times of the Honeybee by Charles Micucci.  HMH Books for Young Readers, 1997.

This is such an incredibly detailed book.  Micucci documents the life cycle of a honeybee, the differences between workers, drones, and queens, the way they make honey, how they keep their hives, and so much more than I can list here.  Quite fascinating.  I need to check out more of his books for the girls.

Picnic by John Burningham.  Candlewick Press, 2014.

A sweet, interactive storybook, brand new this year, by one of the greats.  Boy and Girl head out for a picnic with some animals, and gentle chaos ensues.  There are questions scattered throughout the book, asking the young reader to find the animals on the page, before ending with the ultimate question:  "Shall we find your bed?"  I chuckled.  The girls glared at me.  It was bedtime, though.

What We're Reading

We finished The Scarecrow of Oz, so now we're on to Rinkitink in Oz.  Expect a post on it soon!

What I Read

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.  St. Martin's Press, 2014.

Rainbow Rowell writes the YA books I wish had been around when I was a teen.  I loved Eleanor and Park, her big hit from last year.  While that one was set in the '80s, this one is set very much in the present.  Cath, a college freshman, must navigate more change than she thinks she can handle.  She has a twin sister, Wren, who has always been the cooler, more outgoing one.  Cath and Wren used to write internet fanfiction together about the Simon Snow books, but Wren stopped a while ago, leaving Cath to carry on.  Now, Wren makes disparaging remarks about Cath's fanfiction, and chooses to room with someone else, in a different dorm, using college as an excuse to party hard.  Cath must deal with college without her twin, as well as her father's mental state without his girls home to care for him, her feelings about her absent mother, her creative writing class, and guys, all while writing her very popular fanfiction.  I really like Rainbow Rowell.  She writes well, and has a knack for creating very believable characters.

The One (The Selection, Book 3) by Kiera Cass.  HarperTeen, 2014.

Okay, reading this one so soon after finishing Fangirl may have been a mistake.  That one was so well-written that the problems with The Selection books seemed more glaring.  This is the conclusion to that trilogy, in which Prince Maxim finally makes his choice in this televised Bachelor-meets-dystopian YA game, and America (the character, not the country, which no longer exists in the books) sorts out her feelings for the prince and the boy she left behind.  There were a few surprises, but the emotional back-and-forth between Maxim and America felt tiresome.  Not my favorite YA series, but it was trashy fun.  Just don't read it the day after reading something deeper and more wonderful.  [Did I really never post about book 2, The Elite?  I can't seem to find a blog entry about it.  Oh, well.  I think the first book was probably better.  I think.  I don't remember.  I'm terrible at this.]

Tomorrow is my babies' last day at home before school starts.  Just crazy.  Maybe we'll bust out the telescope tonight.  I'll leave with a shot of last night's supermoon.  It should be even bigger tonight!

Merry Weekend Rest of Your Sunday!  Happy Reading!

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  1. AWESOME!!!! I've been meaning to read Rowell's books, thanks for the remind. ha ha ha on The One!!! totally. why can't this girl just make up her mind?????? (b/c then there wouldn't be 3 books to write!!!)

    1. It felt like it should have been two books. Or three shorter books. I prefer to highlight things I truly like on this blog, and honestly, I did have fun with the books. The last one just felt a bit tedious. I think I was experiencing a book hangover from Fangirl. You must read some Rowell! I'm waiting for Landline, her new adult book, to come into the library.

  2. I missed the supermoon. Boooo.

    Yay for Carly Simon.

    1. It was pretty gorgeous. Last night, just before sunset, it was gigantic. All I had with me was my phone, and it was dying. Low battery, wouldn't let me take a photo.

      I thought I'd blog about that album later. Carly and Lucy Simon's children's album. LOVE.

  3. Awesome list of books, and great picture of the super moon. We had rain- so no view of the moon in Georgia. Can't wait to read your posts about the Oz books.

    1. Thanks! So sorry you missed the moon. We had storms overnight, after I took this picture, but not until a couple hours later. We lucked out! More Oz coming soon...


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