The Magic City

Wichita started as an old West cowtown, but its cowtown days were short-lived.  In an attempt to bring people to this new little city, the newspaper guys coined all sorts of nicknames for Wichita.  One was the "Peerless Princess of the Plains."  Another was "The Magic City."  I'm not sure Wichita is the most magical place, nor Kansas in general - ask Dorothy Gale! - but we went in search of a little magic this week.  On a beautiful sunny day, not too hot, we paid a visit to our beloved Wichita Troll!

Chained under a grate behind the electric company's building by the Arkansas River, this fantastic sculpture was away for a while, being repaired.  We hadn't visited him since he came home.

My wild prairie fairies waved their wands at him.  I think they were casting a spell to prevent future harm from coming to him.

We wandered down by the river for a spell, 

stopping to check out the dragons at Veterans' Memorial Park...

before heading to a few parks, playing and snapping pictures.

And yes, Mom played fairy dress-up, too, before all wings were cast aside.  
It's easier to fly on the swings without fairy wings.

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