July 4th

In Kansas, the 4th is almost over, although my neighborhood is still ringing with the sound of fireworks.  All of the pictures you see in the collage above are from years past.  Our 4th was spent sleeping in, worrying about my car (it died when we got home last night), and watching The Karate Kid, parts one and two. Well, the girls didn't watch, but Mr. B and I did!

Big Sis and I had a wonderful time at the Sarah McLachlan concert in Kansas City.  The Starlight Theater is a gorgeous venue, and we had perfect weather to boot.

I'll have a proper reading roundup next week, and I promise to cover some books.  I thought I'd leave you with some good ol' American entertainment for the end of our U.S. Independence Day.

Until next week...

Merry Weekend!  Happy Reading!

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  1. your collage is way cool! glad you all had fun at the concert! my kid stayed up later than she ever has in her whole entire life!

    1. Unfortunately, our sleep schedule is shot to you-know-what. My girls have stayed up later than any children their ages ever should. One more thing I've felt bad about this week. The concert was wonderful. Feels like a last hurrah for the summer. I need to snap out of my funk! :)


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