Have You Seen My Dragon?

One of our favorite books we read this year is Zephyr Takes Flight by Steve Light [see here], not too surprising considering my littlest daughter's fascination with all things airplane-related.  As we browsed the new release picture book shelf at the library last week, Big Sis saw this book and asked if we could check it out.  I had read about it somewhere - the cover was familiar - and said, sure.  It wasn't until we read the book that I realized that the author-illustrator was none other than the man behind Zephyr.

Have You Seen My Dragon? by Steve Light.
Candlewick Press, 2014.  

The book is relatively simple.  The little boy asks someone if they've seen his dragon.  He thinks of a new place the dragon might be, and heads there to look.  It's also a counting book.  The illustrations are in detailed black and white, with the object(s) being counted in color.

My daughters may be too old for a counting book, but they will never outgrow fabulous illustrations.  And who can outgrow a travelogue?  Because before you know it, Light has taken you on a tour of New York City!  Every place where the boy looks for his dragon is a location in New York.  The endpapers outline each place the boy visits.

Can you guess where the boy finally finds his dragon?  Note the style of dragon...

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  1. What an adorable book! I love that dragon! My boy would surely love to read it!

  2. Hello, just sending best wishes from Dublin - hope your throat is feeling better. Fingers crossed you can keep your tonsils!

    1. Thank you, Lucy! I have an appointment with the specialist next month. Seriously, though, if it means never going through this again, I don't mind losing them. I don't remember my teenage bouts of strep throat feeling this bad! :)

  3. A Chinese dragon in Chinatown maybe? What a cool book! I hope we'll never outgrow such books either :)


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