We Had A Fairy Party

We had our Belated Fairy Day Party!  

I made cupcakes, or fairy cakes, as the Brits call them.

We made sure there was a fairy door in the tree, inside the fairy playhouse...

We made some nature looms and hung them in the house as decor.

At the party, there was wand-making...

And bubble-blowing.

 And we gave all the little fairy children vials of pixie dust.

But let's be honest here:  Our fairy party, held on the muggiest, soupiest of hot evenings, quickly became more of a merfolk party.

 We're talking crazy, wet, muddy fairy free-for-all.

No dainty delicate fairies here!

When everyone left, we hung the wings up to dry...

And Mr. B and I sat out back and watched dozens of fireflies, possibly attracted by the fairy lights on the patio and fairy house, dancing around the yard.  

I'm not exactly skilled at photographing fireflies.

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  1. Hi!!!!!!!!!!! I've been away from my computer all day! (#withdrawal) ok well this is one big nugget of CHARMING, your flags and lights and everything just looks darling and a merfolk party sounds just as fun as a fairy fete!! Loooove that beautiful picture of you! So pretty! I really want to photo you. It's gonna happen someday, I totally know it, I'm willing it into being :)

    1. Aww, thanks. I always crop the pictures, to try and cut out as much of my arms as possible. Terrible, I know.

      I couldn't take many pictures of the party as it was happening! It was so muggy outside, my camera lens kept fogging up! Every picture I took had a weird haze to it, so I finally went with it. Bad overprocessing, but hey...

  2. Everything looks magical! So fun that is was a merfolk party after all- very appropriate since it's July already, I can't believe it! I agree with Melissa,that picture of you is wonderful! Your eldest daughter looks like you a lot, right?

    1. I can't believe it's already July! My girls start school again in about 6 weeks, which just doesn't seem right at all. My oldest is more like me in general, although my little one resembles my younger self in pictures. Her expressions are closer to her Daddy's, though. Isn't it strange how genes mix and work?

  3. Deep love for children and childhood only can evoke such efforts from a person... Danzel its truly magical and all images with soft focus... as if stardust shimmer has caused haze. You as well as your daughter look great and the party...charmingly inviting. :) wishes for more such fairy gatherings and happy childhood :) AM following you :)

    1. Thank you so much. I was irritated by the way my pictures turned out that day, because they were so hazy. The humidity kept fogging up my lens, but in the end, I decided to go with it and edit the haze into the pictures. :) Following you, too!


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