June is Our Faerie Month

Mr. B likes to tell people he married the Queen of Whimsy.  I shrug and tell him I know plenty of people who could wear the crown just as well.  I mean, hi, I'm a theatre person and I blog about children's books, you know I know people, wink wink.

But it's June.  Something happens in June.  School is out.  The grass is still green and the sweet peas are blooming over the fence.

The weather is hot, but not yet scorching.  The summer blockbusters are hitting the movie theatres, and if I'm lucky, there might be one that caters to my fairytale and fantasy-loving side.

June brings Midsummer, and the Midsummer Festival in Lindsborg.  Hot on its heels is International Fairy Day.

 I'm still thinking about throwing another little Fairy Day party.  The fairy playhouse is calling for one.

And the girls have been in a dress-up mood.  They had a wonderful time playing faerie in the playhouse and all around the yard, drinking "tea" and showing me where the wild mushrooms are growing by the fence, behind the shed.

After reading The Goose Girl and seeing Maleficent last week, I've been in a fairy tale and fantasy mood. It's contagious, because the girls have been feeling it, too.  Especially Big Sis, who is very much her mama's girl.  Hunting on Netflix, we found...

... which I'm sure I own on DVD, but it's buried in the closet.  As of June 1st, however, it's available for streaming via both Netflix and Amazon Prime!  I loved this movie back in my college days.  Cinderella, with Leonardo da Vinci standing in for the fairy godmother?

The whole family settled in with popcorn to watch Sunday night.  Ah, Ever After.  I was thinking, gee, such a girly choice, but it turns out, Mr. B likes it, too.  He has favorite parts!  And as Little Sis said, "Oh, it has Mrs. Addams in it!"  She loves the Addams Family movies.

Speaking of The Addams Family movies, Little Sis's hero, Wednesday, is all grown up in another magical tale we watched today.  Have you ever seen Penelope?

Christina Ricci plays a very rich girl born with a curse:  she has the nose of a pig.  The only thing that can break the curse is the love of a "blue blood."  There is a surprising twist near the end, which had Big Sis and me cheering.  It's a cute movie, not perfect, but a lot of fun when you're in the right mood. It's available on DVD, and via both Netflix and Amazon Prime.  [And as of right now, someone has the whole thing uploaded to YouTube...]

I also have this checked out from the library, for myself.  I don't know why it's taken me so long!

Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm:
A New English Version
by Philip Pullman.
Viking Books, 2012.

I'm rushing through the book I was reading when this one came into the library, then I'm off to read more fairy tales!

After watching the beautiful fairyland scenes in Maleficent, the girls and I want to transform the rest of the backyard into a magical place to spend the summer.  Mr. B is on board!  I know I need more lights...  Mr. B and I want to make these adorable toadstools, too.  [Check out the rest of that blog. It's fairyland in blog form!]

So this is where my head is these days.  Counting down until Midsummer Festival.  Making plans for Fairy Day. This weekend, we'll see the Ballet in the Park production of Peter Pan.  More fairies!!!

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  1. I love it. I can't wait to do this with my girl.

    OMG I LOVE Penelope. It's been FAR too long since I've seen it.

    1. Such a cute movie. I wasn't sure about it, but the mood was right yesterday. We enjoyed it!

  2. I remember Ever After and how annoyed I was at the Prince LOL I think Drew Barrymore did great in the movie. I have yet to see Penelope and it seems quite interesting! (but what a terrible curse!). You are lucky that June is such a good month. It's already too hot here and the mosquitoes are out :/ Have fun at the Ballet!

    1. Aww, but the prince comes around! Mr. B and I like the wedding scene, when he's about to marry the Spanish princess? So cute and funny.

      It's pretty humid here, which is why we're waiting until later in the day to spend time outside. I haven't noticed too many mosquitoes yet, but that will change...

      Thanks! We're excited for the ballet!

  3. ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooo, you have OUTDONE yourself here! Your fairy house creation is just flat out amazing! Love these pix, you really nailed the whole fairy, ethereal vibe! Adore. (can you tell I greatly enjoyed this?)

    Oh man, I am so on board! Fairy tales! Let's do it! I'm going to be doing some little mini, summer home learning units with Julia this summer and fairy tales were #1 on my list as a fun project.

    OK is that JAMES MCAVOY in Penelope???? Which I have never seen?????!!!! Am I totally missing out???

    I'm gonna pin your fair house everywhere! Twitter! Pinterest! Friday Post!

    1. Haha, thanks! And yes, that's James McAvoy! I didn't know he was in it until I watched it. :) I think you'd like it. Check it out!

      I thought we'd study a little mythology this summer. We started a bit last year, but didn't get very far. I wanted to check out some of the D'Aulaire books this week, but someone else beat me to it. ;)

  4. I 've wanted this book for some time and I love both movies (especially Ever After, but Penelope is fun too). I haven't watched them in ages and now I want to watch them again! Your fairy garden is adorable, and your beautiful fairies even more!

    1. Aww, thank you! I'm on the lookout for more movies to watch. The humidity and my allergies make me want to stay indoors. I need to brave the heat and sneezes, though! :)

  5. I wanted to see Penelope when it came out but never got around to it. Sounds like it's right up my alley.

    I have to say I love the whimsical, fairytale, frolicking-in-the-woods, Midsummer vibe. I've been reading a bunch of novels set in Cornwall lately, so I'm definitely in the mood!

    1. I wasn't sure about Penelope when I first heard about it, then I forgot all about it! I'm glad it popped up on my Netflix recommendations. I thought it was cute!

      Hooray for frollicking in the woods! I wish we had woods around here... ;)


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