Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all my readers who are fathers, have fathers, are partners with fathers, who act in place of fathers, and everyone who celebrates this lovely day!

Mr. B asked the girls for one gift this year.  He wanted them to make him a duct tape wallet.  You see, Little Sis wanted to make herself a duct tape wallet, in which to keep her new library card.  We made one for Big Sis two years ago for the same reason, and she likes to follow tradition.  Mr. B caught wind of the plan, and told me he would like one, too.  So the girls picked out a very special roll of duct tape for their daddy.  They knew exactly which roll they wanted before we ever headed to the store!


So we constructed a duct tape wallet, using a couple different tutorials we found online.  Then Little Sis decorated a paper sack, Big Sis made a card, and they wrapped the wallet in tissue paper.

The giant button is something I got for my own dad one year.  The girls found it somewhere at my grandmother's house.

The wallet isn't perfect, but all the pockets work.  We tested it beforehand, as you can see from my blurry driver's license in the ID slot.  I don't remember which tutorials we ended up using, but if you're interested in trying the project, just Google "duct tape wallet."  There are tons of tutorials out there!

Now, last year, the girls conducted an interview with Mr. B for the blog.  The questions focused on their favorite father-daughter things.  This year, they wanted to ask him about when he was little.

The Girls:  What did you want to be when you grew up?

  • I always wanted to be a Marine when I was little.   In 1983, when the Marine barracks in Beirut were bombed - bear in mind, I was little - when the commanding general went and visited the wounded Marines, one of the Marines wrote down on a pad of paper, "Semper fidelis."  I asked my folks what that meant -- this showed during a breaking report during Saturday morning cartoons -- and they told me it was the Marine Corps motto, "Always faithful."  And I teared up.  Of all of the things that young Marine could have said...  That made me want to be a Marine.  So at 17, between the summer of my junior and senior years, I enlisted in the delayed entry program for the U.S. Marines.  I even told my mom that if she didn't sign to waiver to let me enlist, then I'd do it as soon as I turned 18, with or without her blessing, so it was better to give me her blessing.  Besides being a dad and a husband, being a Marine ranks very high with me, second only to you three.

Big Sis:  What was your favorite book when you were little?

        When I got a little older, I liked the Little House books and My Side of the Mountain.

Big Sis:  What was your favorite thing to do or play when you were a kid?
  • When I was a little younger than Little Sis, until I was your age, I had a mine.  It was really an old hog waller.  I would "go to work" when my dad left for work, and I'd stay out there and dig for hours.  I always played pretend.  I didn't have any friends, since we lived out on the farm.
The Girls: Did you get in trouble a lot when you were a kid?
  • I was always in trouble.  One of your grandpa and uncle's favorite stories - I got mad at your uncle and started throwing rocks at him.  Your grandma came out to stop me.  I got scared, and started throwing rocks at her.  I had both of them pinned up in the house!  Your grandpa came home, and started coming at me, so I started winging rocks at him.  He ran in the house, then came around the back side of the house and flanked me.  If I remember right, I got him with a couple of rocks, but he finally got a hold of me.  That was one of the many butt-blisterings I received as a boy.  Grandma and your uncle were pretty mad, but Grandpa thought it was really funny, that I had two grown people locked in the house.  I was only about four or five years old.
The Girls:  What was your favorite animal?
  • My dog Duke.  I loved him and he loved me.  And I had a cat named Callie.  And a quarter horse named Cadillac, and a goose named Duck Duck.
Little Sis:  Favorite toy?
  • You know, when I was really little, I had a pedal John Deere tractor.  When I got a little bigger, it was G.I. Joe and Star Wars toys.
Big Sis: Favorite food?
  • Cashew chicken and fried rice.  But I only like cashew chicken from southwest Missouri.  I call it "real" cashew chicken.
[He isn't kidding.  Cashew chicken in Joplin and Carthage and Springfield, Missouri is its own thing: Southern-fried "Asian" food.  I found a recipe, if you want to check it out!]

Thank you, love, for sharing a bit of your childhood with us today.  I'm so glad you grew up to be such an amazing daddy and husband.  Happy Father's Day.

And a happy Father's Day to my own daddy, too.  I'm so blessed to have such wonderful men in my life. 

Have a lovely Sunday, one and all!

My daddy and me in Colorado.  I was two.

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  1. That wallet looks awesome. I love the little bag with the gals holding umbrellas. You clever clever girls!!

    1. Thank you! The umbrellas were left over from Little Sis's Fancy Nancy birthday party 3 1/2 years ago. She found them in the garage. I had nothing to do with their wrapping job! I had a lot to do with the wallet, though. That roll of duct tape did NOT want come off the roll! :D

  2. Such a good idea to interview their dad for Father's Day. Our childhood is very different from today's children's world... but yet the same :) I would love my son to ask his dad questions so he can learn more about his daddy's past. Same with grandpa's past :) You have brilliant ideas!

    1. My girls are such city kids, but they both claim they want to live in the country. They love the farm stories their dad and my grandmother tell them. :) He has been telling them all sorts of stories lately anyway, so I just asked the girls for some simple questions.


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