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I don't have a "what we're reading" roundup for you this week, mostly because we're still reading stuff I've already covered.

If you don't mind, I'll share our busy week with you instead.

Last weekend, the weather was gorgeous.  The highs were in the upper sixties, the winds were quieter than usual, and we craved the outdoors.  So Saturday, the girls and I ventured over the John Mack Bridge...

Big Sis took this picture from the back seat!  I love rainbow arch bridges.

to one of our favorite parks, the site of Big Sis's 8th birthday party.  We rode the miniature train, Little Sis took a pony ride, and we played miniature golf.  Then we took a lovely walk around the yellow brick road!  (See above.)

The yellow brick road was added in the early '90s.  A local sculptor crafted these beautiful wooden statues of Oz characters, but vandals are cruel.  There are no characters along the road now.

Mr. B is home on Sundays, and he suggested taking the girls to a Wichita Wingnuts game.  The last time we went to a ballgame, Big Sis was a baby.  Back then, we were attending Wichita Wranglers games.  The Wranglers were a farm team for the Kansas City Royals.  Alas, they pulled out, moved to Arkansas, and changed their name.  Wichita has never had a Major League team, but we have a fine stadium with great views of downtown...

and it's wonderful to have a team to root for, even if they aren't affiliated with the big guys.  We worried about whether the girls would enjoy themselves.  They were extremely enthusiastic about going, but as all parents know, that can easily change.  We needn't have feared.  They loved it!  The fresh air, the stadium food, baseball...  Little Sis, my shy girl, even ran the bases with the rest of the kids after the game! Poor Big Sis wasn't wearing decent running shoes.  We will definitely attend more games this summer, and she plans to wear her sneakers from now on.

This was the girls' last week of school.  I cannot believe it's over.  The kindergarten classes took a field trip to Exploration Place, an interactive museum, on Wednesday.

I chaperoned a little group of three girls.  We had a pretty good time!

I spent most of Thursday at the school, which has become a tradition for me on the last day of school.  There were assemblies, a student-teacher kickball game, a picnic with family members at lunchtime, movies, parties, yearbook signings, cleaning up...   It was a very busy, very fun day.  For reading to them each week, Big Sis's classed gave me a sack full of thank you cards they made.  Some of them were incredibly sweet.

I was a mean mom - I made the girls go back to school on Friday. We're friends with the school dance teacher, and came in to help organize some stuff in her room.  Big Sis was very helpful, and I sent her to help her beloved art teacher, who is leaving us this year.  (Sadness!)  Little Sis has a different way of helping. Witness:  the doll murder.

All the kids agreed that this prop doll was creepy.
Little Sis wanted the head and hands for her creepy doll part collection.

Oh dear...

She pulled a tooth at a sleepover last night.  We told her the tooth fairy wouldn't know where to find her, so she'd better bring the tooth home.  We'll put it under her pillow tonight...

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!  It's going to be stormy and rainy through Tuesday.  Not the best start to summer vacation, but oh, how we needed some rain!

Merry Weekend!  Happy Reading!

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  1. Sounds fun. What a great museum.

    Yay for the Tooth Fairy!

    1. So, I totally forgot about the Tooth Fairy. She didn't come until last night. She left a tiny note about not being able to find her, so she went in search of her, and finally found her back at home last night. It worked. Whew!

  2. Great to hear you're having such a good time! Yay for summer vacations! The picture of the girls walking the yellow brick road is beautiful. xoxo

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty happy with that picture, especially since I took it with my phone, which isn't of the highest quality. :)

  3. I absolutely love the picture of your two girls on the yellow brick road. That should be framed. Enjoy summer!

    1. I might look into that! It was taken with my phone and doctored a bit. My phone isn't exactly an iPhone or Galaxy. The camera isn't the greatest. I'm happy with it, though. :) Thank you, and happy summer to you, too!


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