My Little Ham Has a Thing for Bacon

Have you noticed how popular bacon stuff has become lately?

Check out the novelty shop Archie McPhee.  They have an entire page called "The Bacon Store" that sells all sorts of bizarro products:  bacon body wash, bacon-scented mustaches (ooo, two trends in one!), bacon candy canes, bacon bandages, bacon giftwrap, bacon toothpaste.

My vegetarian self shudders.

So Little Sis earned a new nickname from her teacher over the last week or two of school:  Bacon.  I know it started before that, because her school dance teacher told me she was dancing around class, singing some made-up song about bacon.

It wasn't this song, but she does love Adventure Time.

Then at Field Day, when the kids lined up to get their faces painted, I asked what she wanted on her face.


Not surprisingly, bacon wasn't one of the choices on their sample pages, so I had her hop in the art teacher's line.

Back in her kindergarten room, the kids were given some free time to draw pictures.  Little Sis led the other kids in drawing pictures of bacon and eggs.  At least half the class participated in this endeavor.  Yep, see above.

We don't actually have bacon very often.  Well, I haven't eaten it since 1995, if not earlier.  The girls have it when Mr. B makes breakfast sometimes, or if we go to a breakfast restaurant.

I do remember her loving the maple bacon donuts at The Donut Whole when she was very small, though...

Last night, we told her it was time to stop drawing and head for bed.

She heaved a big sigh.  "I feel like a piece of bacon that nobody ate, that's been thrown in the dumpster."


I have a hold request placed for this book.  I thought she'd appreciate the sentiment in the title.

Don't Forget the Bacon! by Pat Hutchins.
Greenwillow, 1989 edition.
(Originally published by Bodley Head, 1976.)

So. Much. Bacon.  Sonic has bacon to put in their milkshakes.  Orange Leaf has crumbled bacon available as a frozen yogurt topping.

Bacon makes me think of Babe, the movie and the book.  Do you know what's on my cookbook shelf?

Babe's Country Cookbook: 80 Completely Meat-Free Recipes!  by Dewey Gram,
photographed by Martin Jacobs,
edited by David Ricketts.
GT Publishing Corp., 1998.

I bought it as a bargain book years ago at Barnes & Noble. To be honest, I haven't cooked from it in years, either, but I still have it!

Yeah, I don't do bacon.

My little ham amuses me, though.  Very, very much.

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  1. Her picture is definitely a keeper! I wonder what that book is like? We love Rosies Walk and I've been thinking about getting clocks, clocks and more clocks. Have you read it?

    1. I haven't! I know we've read Rosie's Walk and one other, but I can't think of its name. Little Sis picked it out from the school library. This one is at the library now. I should pick it up sometime this week! :)

  2. oh my GEEEEEEEEEEEE! that pic of her as a teeny tiny! HILARIOUS. she needs to become an honorary member of husband's family, the most bacon loving group of people you ever did see.

    1. Okay, something funny? She didn't eat all her bacon yesterday morning. Daddy made breakfast and especially made her bacon, and she didn't finish it. More for Daddy, though, right?

      And yeah, that day at the Donut Whole, every time he'd stop paying attention, she would lunge for his donut. It was so funny!

  3. That's so funny! She's adorable :)

    1. She is a card! The past two days, she has been trying to fake-emulate Wednesday Addams. She loves The Addams Family movies. It's a little sick, but she's just being silly. We have found so many ruined and broken toys as we work on cleaning up their rooms. It's such a mess around here!

  4. A gal after my own heart. I LOVE bacon. I actually have a broccoli casserole with bacon pieces in the oven right now.


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