The World in the Candy Egg

The World in the Candy Egg by Alvin Tresselt, illustrated by Roger Duvoisin.
Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., Inc., 1967.

Easter is less than a week away.  A Holy Week away, to be exact.  While the week leading up to Easter is more solemn, I wanted to devote a few days to some books I plan on breaking out on Sunday!

First, I have a delicate, vintage copy of The World in the Candy Egg by Alvin Tresselt, illustrated by one of my very favorite illustrators, Roger Duvoisin.  I first saw this book on Once Upon A Bookshelf and knew we needed our own copy.

Mine is a forlorn library discard, complete with stamps dated between 1968 and 1973.  This is the cloth cover under the jacket.

The premise is simple.  There is a candy egg in a toy shop, and inside the egg is a magical world.  Each animal and a doll take their turns peeking inside, but the world of the egg belongs to a little girl.

And let's show a little love for the endpapers, shall we?

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  1. Replies
    1. It's wonderful! Roger Duvoisin is truly one of my favorites. :)

  2. OK OK what did I miss! i've been editing pix like a madwoman and am very behind on all things blogging. THIS BOOK. thank you so much for this beauty, heck knows i sure haven't managed to get any easter books on my blog! ha ha ha! this books is sooooooo lovely, wish i had my own copy.

    1. My allergies are going crazy. I slept in the last two days, and I'm just now catching up, too.

      I finally cut the library plastic off the cover in order to photograph it. The jacket is such fragile paper. Must. Take. Care. Of. It.

    2. ha ha ha good for you! the libraries will never know....:)

  3. I do like Duvoisin's illustrations very much. This book is quite special. I like the peeking action and how the author slowly reveal the inside of the egg.

    1. I know! It's so sweet. Tresselt and Duvoisin were a great team.


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