Our Easter

Well, I had a good Good Friday, as you could see from the pictures here.

I had a lovely Saturday.  A little cranky from lack of sleep, and my allergies were bad.
(Dum-dum-DUMMMM! - That's foreshadowing.)

On Saturday, the girls and I hardboiled some more eggs - both white and brown - then dyed them with the leftover dyes we made the day before.  We even found some blue gel food coloring, so we added some lovely blues to the mix.

I think the brown eggs were my favorite.  They were the drab green, darker red, and dusty blue eggs below.

I made a lemon cake with pink lemonade frosting, roasted some asparagus, and whipped up the ingredients needed to devil some eggs, then we headed to my sister's house for a little backyard egg hunting with the little cousins.

As you can see, even Cocoa Brownie, Little Sis's beloved bear, had an Easter dress and basket!

Our eggs were pretty fresh, so I deviled a dozen right after the hunt, and we had a nice Easter Eve dinner with my dad and grandmother.

By the time we came home, I thought my allergies were about to kill me.  I got the girls to bed, made crusts for our Easter quiche, and helped Mr. B assemble Easter baskets.

Then I couldn't sleep.  I couldn't breathe.  By the time the girls were up, I knew I was too sick to go anywhere.  I handed Big Sis the camera and said, "Do me a favor.  Take pictures of you and your sister and your Easter baskets.  Mom's too sick."

Then Mr. B and the girls dressed in their Easter finery and headed to church for the Easter egg hunt.  It was a cloudy day that would turn rainy in the end.  Little Sis wasn't happy that Mom wasn't there, but she got over it.

So I went to the doctor yesterday.  Strep throat.  I haven't had strep since I was fourteen!  And it's in my sinuses. That, my friends, is a disgusting combination.  Disgusting.  Thank goodness for strong antibiotics and decongestants, because I was actually able to function today!

I did throw away my quiche crusts.  I'll probably toss the leftover cake, too.  Strep contamination =  EEK.

Back to books tomorrow...  Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!  Feel free to share your own Easter stories here!

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  1. I AM SO SAD FOR YOU!!! you've had more than your fair share of illness this past season! i had a sinus infection on Easter Day once and I have very rarely experienced such misery. I don't know how people deal with them all the time! I can't believe all the stuff you did, so industrious!!

    The girls' baskets look delightful and fun and the girls in their dresses!! they look so beautiful! like little fairies. :)

    1. Yeah, I'm so through will illness. The girls and Mr. B went to the doc for throat cultures this morning. Guess what...

      By 11:00 tomorrow, they may return to school. That whole 24 hours of antibiotics thing, you know? Half a day is better than nothing.

  2. How sweet. That last picture is aweeeseeeommmme.

    I like the brown ones too. The color has more depth. I can't wait to dye eggs next year with my girl.

    1. Thanks. It stank, but the weather is rainy and blechy the rest of the day, so maybe I didn't miss too much.

      Yes, I am definitely dyeing more brown eggs next year! I love the colors so much more.

  3. Adorable! Love the natural dye on the eggs.

    1. Thank you! I always think about trying it as a project, but in the end, it's usually cheaper to go buy a Paas kit. The great thing is we only used stuff we had on hand. We turned it into an experiment. I had two tired beets that weren't going to be much for eating, buried in the back of the fridge. We knew the red beet would yield great color, but what about the golden beet? Not so much, as it turned out. The turmeric made a beautiful yellow dye. We had read about doing the same with paprika or chili powder. Maybe it says something about the brands I'm using, but both the paprika and the chili powder were wash-outs. I don't buy cabbage very often, and red cabbage never, but I've heard that it makes a beautiful blue. I think we'll experiment more next year!

  4. Hello there, thanks so much for visiting me earlier today. I wonder if you have been singing tiptoe through the tulips all day – I have!
    Sorry to hear about the strep throat, its years since I suffered, but I still remember what it feels like.
    I enjoyed all your Easter pictures, and the painted eggs look great. Barbara

  5. Oh, I do hope you 're all better now (we 've been away for a few days so I just started reading the posts of yours that I missed, the most recent one first, and I just saw you 've been sick)! You did so much though! Lovely eggs and Easter baskets. I had to search a lot before I could find white eggs this year (in Greece most people paint brown ones with just red paint, our colorful ones are an exception), but I didn't know brown ones turn out to be so pretty when colored with pastel colors -next year I think I'll do both! In Greece we also don't have egg hunts, which I think is a shame. I should organize something next year, it looks like such fun :D

    1. We're better, thanks! Hooray for antibiotics. They were very necessary, in our case. I've decided I love the look of dyed brown eggs, and I plan to do more of them from now on. I hope you're able to organize an egg hunt. They are such silly fun! Hope you had a lovely Easter!


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