What Does The Fox Say?

What Does The Fox Say? by Ylvis, illustrated by Svein Nyhus.
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2013.

Yup, we got the book

It's actually Little Sis's Valentine's Day present - shhh, she hasn't seen it yet - but I took it for a test drive with Big Sis's second grade class today!  Because there is nothing more fun than listening to a bunch of second graders sing a really weird comedy song with nonsense lyrics. Really.

I mean that.

Big Sis tells me that she hears kids singing "The Fox" to themselves down the halls.  On indoor recess days, they sometimes dance to the song.  They make up new parody versions for fun.  Kids are funny.

To have even more fun with our storytime, I printed off these adorable fox masks from Little Gatherer, adding popsicle sticks instead of elastic, and handed them out to the kids so they could be foxes, too.  (By the way, I'm loving Little Gatherer.  New discovery for me today!)

There are lots of printable masks to be found, all over the internet.
I used these, but I also found some that kids can color themselves.
We wouldn't have had time for that, I'm afraid.

When it came time for all the nonsense "fox words," I let kids volunteer to do each sound solo.  

Second graders, as you probably know, are hams.  

I wish I had pictures from storytime!  I do have pictures from the book.  (I had trouble keeping Mabel out of the way.)

I am super-intrigued by the crazy illustrations.  Svein Nyhus is a Norwegian illustrator and author of children's books.  This is actually his second book to be published in the United States.  (The first, Why Kings and Queens Don't Wear Crowns, was written by Princess Märtha Louise of Norway in 2004, and published in the U.S. in 2005.)  I wish the success of this book would lead to more of his books being translated and published over here!  If you wish to see more, he has a blog.  It's in Norwegian, but you can always turn on Google Translate.

I love storytime.  If someone would pay me to read to kids all day long, I would have it made.

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  1. I saw this....at the grocery store....of all places! It looked SO COOL. I almost bought it and I didn't and now I'm KICKING myself -- cool and unusual books like this, with such unique art -- I must have been insane. So fab that you have it!!! And those masks are fabulous!!! I wish you could be story lady at our school!! The kids must have had so much fun!

    1. The art is so bizarre. Little Sis is going to love it! My husband looked at it and said, "It's really cool. She's going to try to draw this stuff, you know." And she probably will!

      Once again, this was the last copy at the bookstore. I was there for Locomotive, but I decided, why not? Valentine's Day is coming!

      Aren't the masks great? Seriously, check out that website. They have a great eye. I miss planning my storytimes and crafts at the bookstore. This was a lot of fun!

  2. When you instagramed this book was the first ive seen of it! BUT I'm loving the wacky wacky art!

    1. It's crazy stuff, and I love it, too. (He linked to this post on his own blog... His entry was all about Americans' love/hate thing with the book... In case he checks this again, I LOVE it!)


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