Reading Manga With Little Sis

I don't have much to show you in the way of what we've been reading this week.  Big Sis is reading a couple of different American Girl mysteries, at home and at school.  I'm still attempting to commit Act II of my current play to memory.  Little Sis is home sick again today.  At bedtime, Big Sis and I continue to read Tik-Tok of Oz, but Little Sis thinks this one is boring.  (It isn't Baum's best.)  Since she is fascinated by all things Japanese right now, we have been reading manga!

The Hello Kitty figurine in the picture above?  My little brother brought that back from Japan.  He is 10 1/2 years younger, and grew up loving anime and Japanese pop culture.  He actually taught himself Japanese, and while he was in college, he made two trips to Japan with like-minded friends.  My 6-year-old seems to have a lot in common with my brother right now!

She watches A Little Snow Fairy Sugar on Hulu (thanks, Melissa) and Princess Tutu on Amazon Prime. She loved My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.  We visited the National Aquarium in Baltimore this summer at the same time as Otakon, and after seeing all the people dressed in their cosplay finest, she is begging to go herself someday.  It's pretty cute.

I'm not schooled too well in the anime and manga department, but I thought I'd find some manga appropriate for her age.  Google led me to this list and also this one.  I picked a few promising titles and checked the library website.  Last night, we finished our first manga - hers and mine!

Swans in Space, Vol. 1 by Lun Lun Yamamoto.
UDON Kids Manga, 2009.

Little Sis loved the first volume of Swans in Space.  It was a fast read, so I'm under orders to put the next few volumes on hold.  Corona is a pretty, popular girl who everyone at school calls "Class President."  Her dad and brother are obsessed with a TV show called "Space Patrol."  One day, Corona is kind to an awkward girl named Lan.  Seeing Lan's "Space Patrol" books, Corona lies and pretends to like the show, too.  Only it turns out that Space Patrol isn't just a show.  It's a real deal, and the TV show footage is actual footage from Space Patrol missions.  And Lan, thinking Corona is like her, enlists Corona to be a part of it. The swans?  Those are their space boats! It's very cute and funny, and I'm looking forward to reading more!

We also got a couple more manga titles to try.

Then last weekend, I took the girls to Michael's to get some more Rainbow Loom goodies.  While we were in the checkout line, Little Sis looked over at the book wall and noticed some "how to draw manga" books.  You may remember, Little Sis is my artist baby.  She even draws herself to sleep at night!  So Mom relented and I let her pick one drawing book.

Christopher Hart's Draw Manga Now!: Magical Characters.
Watson-Gupthill, 2013.

This book and her drawing pad are in her lap constantly.  She is determined to draw everything!

All of this is pretty new to me.  If any of you have any recommendations for us, let me know!

And last, Happy Lunar New Year!  I admit, I have never done anything for Lunar New Year.  I need to educate myself so I can do something next year.  I did, however, receive my very first ever Lunar New Year card and envelope in the mail yesterday!  Thank you, beautiful Jane Cherie!

As always, dear readers, Merry Weekend!  Happy Reading!

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  1. Ok can we agree that Miss Cherie is the sweetest and the nicest??? I was really torn about whether to photo her card or Hello Kitty for my friday list but the pull of Hello Kitty....too strong to resist. I'm so happy you displayed her amazing cards, ours is a teensy bit different.

    Ok again. This is an AMAZING post!!!!! The books! Gotta see. The drawing book -- gotta get. Julia would LOVE. So darling that Lil Sis loves to draw herself to sleep! And Princess Tutu???????????? We have GOT to get in on that action!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I love my card! It's very prominently displayed right now.

      I will say, Princess Tutu is a very strange show. Big Sis cannot stand it. My little odd duck likes it very much, though. We plan on working our way through Miyazaki's classics. We have Ponyo checked out now, with Kiki's Delivery Service waiting at the library.

      Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. Glad you like the card :) The Hello Kitty figurine is gorgeous! Your brother is really adventurous and I admire people who like to learn new things and even go on trips like that! I am not a huge fan of anime although I like a few (but just a very few). I have not bought any manga for my boy yet because don't always like the message they convey so I have to search which ones are good for children first. The mangas targeting boy are sometimes so violent and disturbing O_o But I do like that book teaching how to draw manga!!! Something I would totally buy for the kids :D

    1. Thank you very much for the card! It's beautiful.

      My brother had free reign to a lot of things as a kid that made me go, "Hmmm..." I'm very selective about what the girls are allowed to read or watch. Swans in Space, at least volume one, is very tame and cute! And she LOVES the art. She has already picked out which manga drawing book she wants next! :)

  3. My girls (ok me too) are also obsessed with all things Japanese lately. Tori just had a Japanese themed birthday party and we did a bunch of Japanese DIY candy which is just too cool. They are also insistent that I make them bentos for lunch so I've been trying my hand at making onigiri and food with faces... lol. The Asian Markets around here have some cool things but we've ordered stuff from Japan too. They've also just discovered manga... they've always loved comics since Josh is such a collector. I bought them a couple Chi's Sweet Home books for Valentines day. I don't know much about them but they look cute!

    1. Joy, I still haven't been to any of the Asian markets here in town! Which do you like?

      The DIY candy thing sounds awesome! I have bought a few sandwich cutters and the like, but the youngest is on a hunger strike, I swear. I barely put any energy into lunch-making anymore. She drives me bonkers.

      Chi's Sweet Home was one of the series I couldn't get from the library! I was very disappointed about that. Let me know what you guys think of them.

    2. I've only been to two of them so far. Thien An Supermarket ( I think it also goes by Broadway Supermarket) is across from Saigon so we've been there the most. It has a good selection of snacks and jelly's. We've also been to Gourmet Asian Market as well. Since both aren't exclusively Japanese, there is a mix of stuff and both stores are pretty messy and cluttered. I'm still looking for one that has the DIY candy, bento supplies, and Kawaii stuff. World Market also has some things too, the girls really like the Ramune sodas we can get there.

    3. We get Ramune from World Market, too! Trevor introduced the girls way back when he first went to Japan. He brought some back that was in Hello Kitty bottles. So you haven't been to the one on E. Central? I've wondered about that one. There's a gigantic Asian market in Oklahoma City. Ma and Trevor took me there. It was pretty cool!

  4. How many cool things can you put in one post?
    I especially love how she draws all the time (even draws herself to sleep...awww)
    The manga looks like so much fun!
    I love My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away too, I 've watched lots of Miyazaki movies and I think these are my favorite :)

    1. Haha, thanks!

      She has always been the little artist. When she was too little to articulate her feelings clearly, and she seemed upset, we would ask her if she needed her paper and crayons. It would always calm her down!

      We need to read the other manga we got, but I'm definitely reserving the next couple Swans in Space volumes! We still need to watch Ponyo. It's due back today, but I pay a membership fee that gives me a couple days' grace period. We might have a snow day tomorrow, if the weather predictions come true. It will be nice to have a cool movie to watch together! xxoo


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