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How is the weather where you are?  Our latest round of snow has diminished quite a bit, thanks to yesterday's balmy 38-degree temps (!).  It was only 32 degrees today, but there was very little wind. Perfect weather for posing the girls' Frozen dolls in the snow!

Aren't they lovely?  My dad ordered them for Christmas on Thanksgiving night, right after the four of us saw the movie together.They're the Disney Store variety, not the Mattel/Disney Princess/Barbie kind.  Their hands and knees are jointed, so you can pose them all sorts of ways.  In keeping with the sister theme, Big Sis received Queen Elsa and Little Sis got Princess Anna.  (Sorry, I'm linking through Amazon, as they're no longer on the Disney Store website.)

Little Sis also received a Frozen Little Golden Book!  Movie tie-in books are so much cooler when they're in Little Golden Book form, don't you think?

Frozen (Disney Little Golden Book) by Victoria Saxon,
illustrated by Grace Lee, Massimiliano Narciso, and Andrea Cagol,
designed by Tony Fejeran.  (RH Disney)
Golden/Disney, 2013.

I do believe it is impossible to get to this page without wanting to belt "Let It Go" at the top of your lungs, super-melodramatically.  

The Anna doll has freckles, by the way.  They make me smile.

I want a big stuffed Olaf now.  Oh!  And a reindeer.  Not a stuffed Sven, but an actual reindeer.  I whispered that to Big Sis in the theater, the second time we saw the movie.  She made a face at me and said, "Dad just said the same thing!"

And this is why Mr. B and I are married, folks.

I was a wild Disney fanatic as a kid, even through high school, but these days, not so much.  This is the first non-Pixar Disney movie I've loved in years.  Forgive me if I'm still a little excited.  Just...  let it go.

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  1. We haven't seen Frozen yet, but I know it's in our future. :)

    I have to agree about Golden Books. I've never met a Golden Book I didn't like!


    1. I agree about seeing Frozen! I loved it, and I only suggested going because the girls were interested and we had nothing else going on Thanksgiving Day. As you can see, I loved it as much as they did! So did my dad. So did Mr. B, when we took him along the second time. ;)

      Little Golden Books are awesome. :)

    2. I was just listening to 'Let It Go', and wanted to say: "Hello Danzel, How are you? I'm listening to 'Let It Go', and... well, I have not seen the movie yet." Special reason: Movie was dubbed at Czech theatres (because someone thinks that Disney movies are just for kids) which I simply can't stand... So, I'm waiting for DVD.

      I've seen this video (, and wanted to ask: Do/did children sing the song at theatres? I love it so much. Unfortunately, I can't imagine something like this in Czech Republic. I think Czech people are too cold for singing at theatres. (Sorry, Czechs. I really do think so.) Sometimes Czechs are simply FROZEN :)

    3. Actually, they DID release a special sing-along version of the movie to theatres! I didn't get to see it (I'd already seen the movie twice), but I wanted to check it out! Isn't that great??? I can't remember any other recent movie they've done that for. There are special "sing-along" re-releases of old movies like The Sound of Music sometimes, but this was new. :)

  2. Ha ha ha ha! Oh I loved this so much! Your dollies are beautiful!!!!! The Disney ones are WAY better than the Mattel ones. Tomorrow on my cool stuff thingy I'm linking to some limited edition dolls, have you seen those? Only $99! sigh. I also recently saw a thing about how all these adults are obsessed with Frozen, ha ha that's you and me for sure! hope you're warm and dry inside and not getting scooted along by polar vortexes! do you know I'm weather obsessed? this polar vortex thing has my mind totally blown. :)

    1. Oh golly, I've seen those! They're stunning, but yeah, a little pricey.

      So if adults who love MLP:FIM are called "bronies," what would they call us? "Brozens," maybe? "Brozies?" Oh, I know! "Brozos!"

      I haven't paid much attention weather-wise. It was extremely cold here for a couple of days, but honestly, it's been that cold before. Maybe not often, but it happens. It's been in the 30s lately, but it's above freezing now, and more snow melted today. I'm glad we got the dolls out yesterday!

  3. Your dolls are very pretty! I saw them in the Disney store but I didn't buy them. Probably because I didn't watch the movie yet and I didn't feel any connection with the dolls. Oh well, I guess it's too late now as they probably ran out! I love jointed dolls so much more than the stiff Mattel kind. (and strangely I love my Licca's stiff body as well) I hope you'll get warmer weather soon!

    1. Yeah, and they're selling them for waaaaaay too much on Amazon now! You never know, though, they could still be at the store. We no longer have a Disney Store in Wichita. They closed a few years ago. Whenever we go to the mall in Overland Park (near Kansas City) that has the American Girl store, we usually stop in at the Disney Store, too. It was closed for remodeling when we visited back in September. :(

      The snow melted some more today. I'm fine with the 30s. It was the subzero temps I couldn't handle! ;)

  4. Your dolls are lovely! I haven't seen the movie yet (we haven't been to the cinema yet as I still feel Stavroula would be scared and would hate any movie that's not Peppa) but I do hope to see it soon (well when it comes out on dvd maybe). But we do have the Mattel Anna doll (we were given this one for Christmas too -Isabella was, actually, while big sis was given Merida). I love her pixie face but you're right about the joints. The Disney store kind are so much better- and you have both sisters, how awesome! I think they're more expensive though, right? -sigh- Their faces are lovely too. I want to see Frozen! Oh but I already said that, right? ha ha
    I agree about Little Golden Books too- I haven't seen one that doesn't look cool. They have this vintage quality already, even though they may be brand new.
    We need this one too! Doesn't look too wordy either.. The Frozen book we were given for Christmas makes the story look a bit too complex and is a tiny bit too hard to follow (which sometimes happens in movie tie-in books, doesn't it)?

    1. It isn't too wordy at all! It's just right. ;)

      These were a bit more expensive on Amazon, where Dad ordered them from, but I like the faces more. We have a Mattel Merida, though! Little Sis is still pestering me for a Merida costume to play dress-up in. Come Halloween, I guess I'll keep my eyes open. Halloween costumes are always too expensive... Blah!

      I've already pre-ordered the Frozen dvd with a gift card we received for Christmas. The whole family loved it, so it's the perfect family gift!

  5. Super cute and clever! I can't wait to see this movie.


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