More Faerie Books

...  this time, courtesy of the public library!

Fairyopolis: A Flower Fairies Journal, featuring the art of Cicely Mary Barker.
Warne, 2005.

The gorgeous pop-up I featured yesterday is a companion to Fairyopolis: A Flower Fairies Journal.   (Go play at the official website!  I love it.)  I do love Cicely Mary Barker.  This book, like the Olygyworld Books (love!), is full of "notes," saved "artifacts," tiny books within the book, letters, etc.

The book is a fun one to sit and explore.  Better for reading aloud is A Child's Book of Faeries, also known as The Barefoot Book of Faeries.  

The version we checked out was A Child's Book of Faeries, without the CD.  It features the beautiful artwork Barefoot Books are known for.  We had a lovely time reading the whole thing before bed.

A Child's Book of Faeries, collected and retold by Tanya Robyn Batt,
illustrated by Gail Newey.  Barefoot Books, 2002.

The book is full of all kinds of faerie magic:


faerie "facts" and folklore,

and stories.

The last book of this ilk that we checked out was Faeryland: The Secret World of the Hidden Ones by John Matthews, featuring specially commissioned art by Matt Dangler, as well as famous faerie art from the last couple of centuries.  This one is better for older readers, although it's very cool.  You can see some excerpts here.  The girls and I did look at the pictures together, and I was very excited to show them this one page:

Faeryland: The Secret World of the Hidden Ones by John Matthews.
Abrams Books, 2013.

It's about the Cottingley Fairies, and includes an envelope full of postcard-sized reproductions of some of the photos.  The girls and I watched FairyTale: A True Story on Netflix only last week!  I had explained that while quite a few facts were changed for the movie, there really were two girls who had taken photos in England during the 1910s that supposedly showed them interacting with real fairies.  They were excited to see what the photos really looked like.  (They also decided they looked fake!)

We'll talk fairy crafts (and craft books) tomorrow this weekend!

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Fairy Day is Done...

... And I'm sure we made the fairies sad.

Because we did nothing.  Even our fairy house is a sad neglected mess.  (To be fair, so is our entire backyard.)  Monday, June 24th, we babysat my niece and that night, Mr. B and I saw Old Crow Medicine Show in concert, but apart from some fairy wings - worn very briefly by both daughters - nothing fairyish happened around these parts.

So let's look at a favorite book that we should have looked at on Fairy Day!  (Or Friday, for Midsummer.  But really, any day can be Fairy Day, right?  RIGHT, LITTLE FAIRY CREATURES???? - Nope, I think they hate me now.)

Someone new to this blog, reading this for the first time, probably thinks I'm crazy...  They're probably right...

How to Find Flower Fairies, a beautiful pop-up book,
featuring the art of Cicely Mary Barker.
Warne, 2007.

I love the combination of Cicely Mary Barker's sweet flower fairies and intricate pop-up book design.  Look at the old-fashioned camera pop-up at the end!  (And to see the Greek-language edition of this same book, check out my bloggy friend Georgia's Fairy Day post!)

 I'll have more fairy books to show you this week, as I get to them.  I hope you don't mind my less exacting blog schedule.  We are enjoying our summer!

P.S.  I became an aunt again today!  My sister had her second baby girl this evening.  Everyone is doing well, and we hope to meet the girls' new cousin soon!

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