Relief for my own hometown has turned to sadness for another town south of us.  My heart aches, seeing the news footage.

I hate tornadoes.  I'm ready for fall.

The Day After the Storm

So a big tornado touched down briefly near the airport yesterday, but our city was spared.  It was scary, but everyone's fine.  There was some big hail damage in the northeast part of town, and Big Sis's school sustained damage to windows and skylights, but school is in session.  I'm posting via my phone today, because only now have we lost power.  It's a beautiful clear day, but we heard a boom outside and poof!  So this is your post today.  We're fine.  My mom in Oklahoma is fine, though her town is in the news today.  Hope you have sunny safe skies yourself!  I love Oz, but I only want to visit there in books and movies!

EDIT:  Electricity is back on!  Yay!!!

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