I Am A Little Hedgehog

I Am A Little Hedgehog by François Crozat.
Barron's Educational Series, Inc., 1996.

Oh dear me.  Julia's Bookbag posted this link on Facebook a couple of days ago.  Hedgehog Awareness Week?  Oh, my!  I am fascinated by little hedgehogs.  They look so sweet, and at the same time, so exotic and un-North American.

Emily has one:

And there's Mrs. Tiggy Winkle, too:

Mrs. Tiggy Winkle by Beatrix Potter, 1905.

And who can resist all the little hedgie videos on YouTube???

So this is I Am a Little Hedgehog by François Crozat, part of Barron's I Am Series.

It is Friday.  I should have some sort of fabulous Mother's Day post, but I don't right now.  Maybe I'll post a little something special on Sunday.  Maybe.  I'm plowing through the All-of-a-Kind Family books on my own, while reading the fourth Clementine book to the girls, with little breaks for Oz and Pooh.  Not much new on the reading front right now.

But Happy Mother's Day, Merry Weekend, and Happy Reading!

In Observance of Lost Sock Memorial Day 2013

Some of you, we hardly knew.  Others are old, old friends.  And some - Fancy Nancy sock? - I'm sure will be found again.  Somewhere...

(And yes, this is a real thing...)

Dandelion Adventures

It's dandelion season.  We know we need to mow, but there's something so colorful and warm about all the yellow and whispy white flowers in the yard right now.  Little Sis had a whole dandelion "dinner" in the backyard last year, complete with dandelion bouquet, dandelion soup, and a yellow bowlful of cereal.  Oh, and rabbit ears.

We're currently enjoying the dandelions before the mower mows them down again.  Lots of wishes to make!

And of course, we feel it's important to get to know our favorite little weed  wildflower better via a book or two.

Dandelion Adventures by L. Patricia Kite, illustrated by Anca Hariton.
The Millbrook Press, Inc., 1998.

I wish this lovely book was still in print, but apparently, it is not.  It's beautifully illustrated and quite informative.  Thank goodness for the library!

The Little Book

I suppose I might have saved this post for a Monday, but it's not exactly obsessive.  I love Eloise Wilkin.  She is one of my favorite Little Golden Book illustrators.  When I was two years old, my parents bought me Baby Dear and the 1970s version of The New Baby to prepare me for becoming a big sister, and those remained favorites of mine for years.  We bought the Eloise Wilkin Stories Little Golden Book Treasury when Big Sis was a baby.  And as I found vintage Wilkin titles, I would buy them.

And so I wound up with this one, just tossed into the pile at the used bookstore one day.  It wasn't until I started reading it to the girls that I realized I knew this book.  It was in the very small pile of books and toys at my grandparents' house in Oklahoma when I was little.  I would spend one week each summer there, with my sister joining me when she became old enough.  And I loved this book.

I still love it.  It makes me think of lazy summer days, when summers didn't seem as hot as they do now.  I love the late-'60s clothes on the little girls.  Books like this make me want to buy the girls vintage clothes and make cool things out of vintage sheets.  (Ooooo, like the stuff on Modern Kiddo right now...)

The Little Book by Sherl Horvath, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.  Golden Press, 1969. 

Little Sis wants me to point out the front cover of the book, as the little girl is reading the exact same book herself, right down to the back cover.

The My Little Bookcase Book a Day prompt for today is onomatopoeia.  My pick was another Wilkin-illustrated title, Baby Listens.  Just follow along on Instagram or Facebook to see!

Obsessive Nostalgia Disorder Monday: The Wuzzles

I've posted this picture before.  This is Elleroo.  He is a Wuzzle.  I got him when I was probably 8 or 9.  The girls brought him home.

A few weeks later, this little guy was grabbed from Grandma's, too.

These were mine.  I remember liking them a lot, but I couldn't remember much else.  There was a lion thingy, I remember.  I think I wanted him, too, but Ellaroo and Moosel were my top two.

Isn't it weird the things we were into as kids that we can barely remember now?

So we have a Wuzzles book, too.  It was mine.

The Wuzzles: Eleroo's Big Surprise
Hasbro Bradley, Inc. and Walt Disney Productions, 1984.

I have.  I sorta snuzzled a Wuzzle before I stuck her back in our stuffed animal closet.  

And I found the cartoon on YouTube!  I made a playlist for Little Sis.  Her verdict?  "It's okay."

So, um yeah...  Enjoy!

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