Seriously.  Because tomorrow is Saturday and Mama needs a down day!

We had a nice Thursday morning rain.  This is huge news for Kansas.  Little Sis and I made stuff.

My evenings have been spent in rehearsals all week.  Here's hoping I know my lines - we open next week.

When I'm not in rehearsal and Big Sis isn't in school, we are trying to sell Girl Scout Cookies.

Any downtime I have coming up may or may not be spent ticking the following things off my happy to-do list:

Since I haven't read anything besides this play and a few children's books I already shared with you this week, here are a few links for happy internet reading.

My new bloggy friend Georgia did this lovely post on Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator of The Secret Lives of Princesses, a favorite in our house) on her blog Bookworm.  Her blog is in Greek, but I've been using Google Translate and while the translation is often amusing, I can follow along.  You may have seen her comment on this blog - her English is great.  That's a hint if Google Translate starts to melt your brain.  Sometimes it does that.  You'll try to read the funky translation and it makes no sense and you think, "Well, it's Greek to me!"  Then you laugh at your own stupid joke.  Or is this just me...

Maurice Sendak's final work, My Brother's Book, has been released.  I haven't checked it out yet, and it will probably make me cry, because he wrote it for his beloved brother, Jack.  NPR's Morning Edition did an interview with Sendak's friend Tony Kushner about the book here.  There's a lovely review and preview of the book at Vanity Fair.  Anyway, I know it will make me cry, much in the way his final interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross made me cry.  If you haven't seen this animation by Christoph Niemann for The New York Times Magazine, watch it - this was me when I listened to this episode, too.  Maurice Sendak is one of my very favorites.  I have a Pinterest board.  You probably guessed that, though.

Finally, yesterday was the anniversary of Laura Ingalls Wilder's birth.  She was born in Pepin, WI, on February 7, 1867.  There have been a slew of Laura-related articles and interviews lately, many about a recent article in the journal Pediatrics asserting that Mary Ingalls likely did not go blind through scarlet fever.    You can read/listen to the story on the NPR website.  I've been having fun following all the Laura news on the Pioneergirl Facebook page.  And exciting news:  the University of South Dakota is going to be publishing the memoir Pioneer Girl, her unpublished manuscript that was the basis for the Little House books!   For more Laura-ness, might I suggest looking back on our week of "Wilder Travels"?  Or my Laura Ingalls Wilder pinboard?  You knew it was coming!

And that's all I've got.  Merry Weekend!  Happy Reading!

I can't help it.  Mr. B and I will quote this song at some point today.  We always do on Fridays.  I choose to believe it is because of this version, though.  Yes, I do.

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Owl Know How

Oh sweet goodness.  Want to be overwhelmed by cuteness?  This is Owl Know How.  First published by Thames & Hudson in Australia, this adorable picture book has just been released in the United States by Gibbs Smith.  (Yes, they are the company who is publishing Anorak magazine for North American audiences.  And they also publish the awesome Baby Lit series.)

It's about bunnies who live in a city in the clouds.  Oh no, their city is sinking into the trees!  But Cornelia, who loves to make owls (that really fly!), has an idea.  The text is okay, but the pictures are what make this picture book special.  Everything looks so magical.

I pre-ordered this book not long after Christmas.  I was looking at the Gibbs Smith website (Anorak or Baby Lit brought me there) and saw this advertised.  I love owls.  Love, love, love owls.  Did I mention I love owls?

And then I found, and ohmygoodnesslookhowawesomelyadorablethisis!!!!!

Here is the video that inspired the book.

A film by Isobel Knowles made with the magical characters of Cat Rabbit. Set by Isobel & Cat, sound design by Finn Robertson and music by Billy Whims. Thanks to Rebecca Hayes and Abby Fraser. 
Exhibited at No-Vacancy Project Space April/May 2011.

You can read about the amazing artists behind the book at the website, too.  And they have an Etsy store!

Here's a bit more of the book.

Owl Know How by Cat Rabbit & Isobel Knowles.  Originally published by Thames & Hudson Australia, 2012.
North American edition published by Gibbs Smith, 2013. 

Yes, it comes with a pattern for a "simplified version of Cornelia's owls designed especially for the little fingers of Owl Know How's readers."  It's also on the website.  When I have time again, I must try this.  I'm hoping it's also simple enough for frazzled mommies with sad-to-mediocre sewing skills!

More links:
Owl Know How on Facebook
Isobel Knowles's website
Cat Rabbit's website
Cat Rabbit Plush on Etsy

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Children's Playmate, February 1954

Children's Playmate, February 1954 - back and front cover

I have an especially charming Children's Playmate Magazine from 1954 today!  This one celebrates Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, President's Day, all that you would expect from an American kids publication.

"Tekka, The Tea Cozy" by Elizabeth Stang (pg. 10 and 11)

"A Tale of Peter Pig" by Esther Cooper (pg. Esther Cooper)

 I LOVE the elf pictures in this magazine.  I was so happy to find some in this issue!

"The elves here will be just as gay/If colored, as across the way." (pg. 24)
 "These tiny, funny little elves/Have such a gay house for themselves!" (pg. 25)

"Placed on a heart, each gay design/Will form a charming Valentine." (pg. 26)
"Valentines are fun to make -- but WAIT!/First use what is on page twenty-eight!" (pg. 27)

"Here's a Mardi Gras Party to enjoy,/ You'll find it fun for every girl and boy." (pg. 28)
"Let's Give a Mardi Gras Party!" (pg. 29)

"Something to Do for Girls" (pg. 40 & 41)

"Goody Goody Page" - A recipe in rhyme by Esther Cooper (pg. 48)
"Yarn Doll Valentines for Your Friends" (pg. 49)

Last two pages.  Contest winners from the Hallowe'en issue, puzzle answers. (pg. 52)
"Sky-Gars from Mars" Drawing Contest (pg. 53)
Note the First Prize on the "Sky-Gars From Mars" Drawing Contest:

A Beautiful Bicycle

Not a puppy this time!  

Home Decor With A Five-Year-Old

Meet Sarah and Rosie.  They're just hanging out in the lower bunk of the bunk beds.  Little Sis likes them there.

Remember my melodramatic "My playroom is trying to kill me?" bit from Friday?  Yeah, I still feel that way. We had to stop, because it's become clear we need to come up with a plan.  We need time (to sort, to purge), we need money (new shelving or storage bins or something).  We need both time and money to refinish the hardwood floors.

My internet went down last night and didn't come back up until later this morning, so I had a LOT to catch up on.  Scrolling through my blog lists, I swear Apartment Therapy was out to taunt me with this obnoxious little entry.  Our failure at the art of organization has me taking "helpful" design posts personally.  Obviously, our room is quite small.  The girls have colored or stuck stickers on the built-ins and walls.  It is not a perfect space, and I need to stop pouting that my house isn't going to be some magazine-ready showpiece.  And no, the world doesn't revolve around me, but that fact didn't stop me from making a certain lewd gesture at the computer screen in Apartment Therapy's direction.  (I checked myself before I yelled the gesture's equal in words.)

I think I need more coffee.  Or chocolate.  Or both.  Sorry.


This is Little Sis's desk.  It is part of the built-in in the playroom.  (Big Sis has the desk part of the bedroom built-in.)

I am only posting a picture of the mess that is her desk in order to show off the pretty little Instax line we made this morning.

If I had a good bare wall, I would have stretched this across and made it some sort of focal point.  But between windows, doors, built-ins and bunk beds, we're short on wall space.

Now, let's get meta!  Here's a picture of an Instax of the Instax line!


And now for that coffee...

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Anorak Magazine

 "The Happy Mag for Kids (And Animals)"

... So reads the cover of the latest issue of Anorak.  Each issue has a theme and the theme of this issue is, as you may have guessed, animals.

Speaking of animals...  Ha!  Just kidding.

"Munkie & Horace"
"What was your favorite part of the magazine?" I asked.  "The zoo with the people!" Big Sis replied.
I love this artwork.  This is the story of two cats, gone to see the humans at the zoo!  "Cheeky little human," Colette the cat hisses, speaking of the food-throwing baby.
"Did a kid draw that?" Little Sis asked.  "Yep! Some of the coloring pictures are by grown-up artists, and
some are by kids."  "That's cool!"
Kids love other kids' jokes.

The girls loved the book reviews, which are by actual children.  Big Sis is requesting this book, in fact.  They loved the jokes and the "Spot the Animals" game.  There is also a recipe for Chocolate Croissanty Custardy Jammy Pudding, which I'm thinking I want to try.  They were intrigued by British slang, too.  (Note to self:  must use the word "cheeky" more often...)

You can buy Anorak North America here:  Gibbs Smith Books
You can buy PLOC, Anorak's sister publication, and other goodies here:  Anorak Shop
Read an interview with founder and editor Cathy Olmedillas here:  A Yummy Life
The contest is over, but you can read a post by Cathy here:  The Red Barn (And yes, a certain person's crazy Pinterest boards get a sweet shout-out in the final paragraph.)

You can read a post about PLOC here.  And thank you to Cathy Olmedillas for the complimentary copy of Anorak!

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