I haven't read much this week.

The girls haven't read much this week.

I don't feel like reading aloud right now.

I don't have anything particularly cool to tell you about.

I'll leave you with a few pictures, and we'll start fresh next week, okay?

I have read something this week:  this script.  And Entertainment Weekly.

My funny baby.

I have no idea where these names came from.  Especially Rosemary and Miriam.

My niece has an awesome shirt.

She's quite a doll.

Lying on the floor, pretending their 16-month-old cousin was a dinosaur coming to stomp on them.

And that's that.

I hope everyone has a merry weekend, full of books and love and family and GOOD HEALTH!

(So she typed between coughs...)

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Sick Day

Aren't they beautiful?  They were a very sweet, unnecessary thank you gift.  I helped with a baby shower last weekend.  Other friends really hosted, but they enlisted me for help because it was a book baby shower!!!  Kids' books and parties, two of my favorite things!

And one of my least favorite things?  Being sick, duh!  

Kansas has been hit hard by the flu.  Swell.  Lucky for me, I only have a cold.  

Colds make me whiny and miserable.  I can't imagine what I'd turn into with the flu.

Little Sis went home with her best friend after preschool yesterday.  I got to stay in bed.  Mommies don't get to stay in bed while sick very often.  

There were six clementines in that bowl.  Am I the only person who feels the need to constantly eat something when I have a cold?  I hate the scratchy throat and drainage and bad taste in my mouth, so I feel this need to snack, all day long.  Why can't I be one of those people who lose weight when sick?  Resistance is futile.  (And why, oh, why did my husband buy those Chips Ahoy knockoffs and leave them on the counter?  Why?)

And I know people crave chicken noodle soup with a cold, but I don't eat chicken.  Do you know what I want?  Garlicky veggie pizza, thick crust.  Or maybe Mexican, as spicy as a wimp like me can handle it.  (Mexican won out last night.)

Everyone has their advice when you're sick.  Most people told me to rush to the doctor and make sure it's not the flu!  Tamiflu only works within the first 48 hours!  Eh, no fever.  Not the flu.  Just a cold.

Vitamin C!  Zinc!

In the book below, Snuffleupagus has a cold (with fever).  Big Bird is going to visit him, but first every single person on Sesame Street has to give him something to take to Snuffy.  Some give him remedies.  Some send a gift or a treat to cheer Snuffy up.  Big Bird just wants to visit his friend!  He eventually makes it to Snuffy's house, only to drop the huge stack of gifts.

That's okay.  The only gift Snuffy needed was a visit from his best friend, Bird.

Silver Shoes & Rabbit Holes: Sick Day
The Day Snuffy Had the Sniffles (a Little Golden Book) by Linda Lee Maifair, illustrated by Tom Brannon, featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets.  A Sesame Street/Golden Press Book.  Western Publishing, in conjunction with Children's Television Workshop, 1988.

That said, I don't want anyone to visit.  I want to stay in bed, while magical fairies sweep into my house and clean up everything, top to bottom.

With Lysol.

Colds make me so grouchy...  so grouchy...

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The Haunted Clock

It started last Friday night.  The girls were in bed.  It was late.  Mr. B and I were chatting in the kitchen, when we heard the bong of a clock, coming from the living room.  We have an old clock.  It once belonged to Mr. B's great-great-grandmother.  His dad sent it home with us a couple of years ago.  Most of the time, it sat on the fireplace blower in the family room.  It hadn't worked in years.  We'd thought about taking it somewhere to see if it could be fixed.

The hands are holding on by a pin.

Over Christmas, the clock was packed away.  When I unpacked it, I leaned it against the piano in the living room...  and forgot about it.

When we heard the Bong!, Mr. B and I rushed to the living room.  Looking down, we saw our Siamese cat, Katie, looking up at us in an agitated way.  "Oh, she must have hit it with her tail!" we thought.  It freaked her out.

The next day, I heard the clock again.  "Someone bump it?" I asked the husband.  He had a strange look on his face.  "No.  The pendulum is swinging."


That night, I was checking on the girls in the bathtub.  Suddenly, we heard a loud ringing, like an alarm clock.  Only we no longer have an old-fashioned alarm clock.  I followed the sound of the ringing.  Sometime during the day, the husband had moved the clock to behind a chair.  The ringing was coming from the clock.  The pendulum was still swinging.  The key that winds the timer(?) had rung as it unwound...

I set the clock.  I hung it on the wall.

We have had to set the pendulum in motion once or twice, but
it works.  And no one did a thing...

The clock reminds me of the clock from the first Nancy Drew book, The Secret of the Old Clock.  At least, it reminds me of the one on the 1960s revision cover.  There are three covers that I am aware of:  the original blue edition from the 1930s, the late 1950s edition (which I have), and the most current (and most common) edition, reprinted in the mid-1960s.

I didn't find anything hidden in the clock.  I couldn't even find a clockmaker's name.  

But it's still mysterious...  And on the hour, it's LOUD!

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Gingerbread Stories

I love my grandma.  My grandma loves estate sales.  I have to give Mabel her medicine and spend a little time with her, so I've been to Grandma's every day since last Thursday.  And Grandma had a bag full of bookish estate sale treasures.  This is one of them.

Gingerbread Stories
by Peter Mabie
Copyright 1931
Whitman Publishing
Racine, Wisconsin.

Look at these endpapers!  They are not by "Peter Mabie."  They are clearly signed "Ethel Bonney Taylor."


Someone named Bob received this book on the day my grandma was born.)

Monday, January 21

Just because the kids may not have school today,
doesn't mean there isn't something to learn.

We'll be learning some history, watching some history (including 2013 U.S. presidential inauguration coverage), and visiting some friends today.  I wish everyone a very blessed Monday.

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